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Baby Friday- Week 18

18 weeks. My thighs are pregnant too.
18 weeks. My thighs are pregnant too.


Well I wish this week was better but it just wasn’t. I don’t want to repeat the drama but basically parenting is hard  and that basically sums it up. I am working on focusing on the good days and letting go of the rough ones, and its not easy but I’m trying.

This week was also a total workout fail. Tuesday set a bad precedent with my bad gym experience, and then Wednesday just was what it was, and then Thursday I had a meeting and actually today I did my prego strength training DVD so that’s better than nothing. Probably won’t outweigh the ice cream I had last night or the chips I ate like an hour ago but whatever.

I’m going shopping for some other options for clothes, my pants are tight and my tanks are too thin and show my sneaky rubber band trick and it annoys me, so hopefully I can find something fun. I have my eye on the Paige maternity denim because it just has fun elastic panels in the sides, no gross giant band that rolls up to your boobs. We’ll see what I find. I might need some new “maternity” boots too, since it’s technically fall.

I also decided to last minute participate in a Fantasy Football league which is amazing, since we used an auto-draft because we were late, and I have the most random and awkward group of players ever. (yes, even Ray Rice made my cut) Anyway, this whole adventure is perking up my whole weekends. My heart belongs to the Chargers but they have a tendency to break it basically until December and then again in January, so this is helping ease the pain.

We’re taking a quick last minute vacation to take Mase to the Monterrey Aquarium next weekend and I am SO excited. Its our first ever just the three of us family vacation, and I am just so happy. Mase is obsessed with sea life right now, specifically sharks, and he really wants to go to the Georgia Aquarium, but I told him we had to start with Monterrey until he saved enough in his piggy bank for a flight to Atlanta. He thinks he can trade a toy for a flight, so I told him to try and let me know how it works out. Until then, we’ll try Monterrey. 🙂

Oh and being pregnant is fine, I am starting to have trouble sleeping because my sciatica is acting up, which is to be expected. I’m extra tired and annoyed but other than that I’m feeling great and almost half done! We have our big 20 week ultrasound on the 24th and that’s always a fun one. Until then, I’ll just buy more bows.



Week: 18
Date: 9/12/14

How big is baby? A bell pepper. Or 5 inches long and approximately 6 ounces.

Pregnancy symptoms? A lot of feelings.

Cravings? Nutella. Okay so that’s not a pregnancy thing, its probably just a life thing. Besides Nutella, chai tea lattes and sandwiches. Like big fat ones with extra pickles.

Aversions? God help me if I see another egg.

Best moment this week? Hmmm this week was tough. Oh yes! Seeing my Uncle Charlie & Aunt Jill last Monday. They have a special place in my heart and I hate that we’re so far away from each other most of the time.

What are you looking forward to next week? A fresh new week with no mistakes in it yet.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? Ever. Single. One.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? I am going to get some this weekend. At least some thicker tank tops. My tanks show the rubber band trick I’m using on my jeans (the photo above, exhibit A), and it bugs me. I pulled down my maternity clothes box which is a joke. I was like Josh where are all my maternity clothes and he laughed for like an hour and reminded me that I refused to buy them except for like 2 pairs of hideous jeans and a few shirts and just wore regular clothes then got rid of all of my regular clothes because I hated them after I wore them pregnant. Some plans aren’t as smart as you thought they were at the time. I’m just hot and uncomfortable and tired of it this time so I’m giving in early.

Any stretch marks? Not yet.

How much weight have you gained? Still waiting but I’m guessing like 45 pounds already.

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? Every now and then maybe a flutter but its really annoying me because I can’t see in there and those kicks are all I have to go on. I know, I know I’ll be complaining about it in a few months when I can’t sleep and I’ve got a 9 pound baby doing cartwheels and back flips 24/7 but for now its just nervous.

Know gender? Totally a girl.

Names? I’m still calling her Scarlett and Josh just ignores me. Mason calls her Garlic and that pretty much sold me. 100%.

What baby project are you working on? I color coded her bow collection and also hung up the clothes she has so far in Mason’s closet. A lot of accomplishments. I have a plan for her nursery corner and I’m just waiting until it cools off because I plan to restore an old dresser and turn it into a changing table/dresser combo, then do something amazing I saw in the Pottery Barn catalog with a canopy and gold glitter dots. But its too flipping hot to do anything like that. Hopefully it goes below 80 degrees before February.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? This week I want to schedule a C section in advance. I change my mind about weekly about it so who knows.