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Baby Friday- 14 Weeks


Well we had a big week this week! I had an ultrasound on Wednesday and as my doctor was checking out baby he was surprised to see that baby clearly wanted to show off that it is officially a SHE!

I asked him to write it down and stick it in a sealed envelope for me. I contemplated skipping taking Mase to the zoo as we had planned, but I figured I had waited this long, what’s a few more hours…. 🙂 we got done at the zoo and I took the envelope to Sprinkles cupcakes (Josh’s favorite). They took the envelope from me and filled a dozen with either pink or blue frosting for me and sent us on our way.

We had Mason’s preschool orientation Wednesday night so we had to wait until Thursday night to bite into those cupcakes. We had our bestest friends and my dad over, we Skyped in Josh’s family and my mom and brother and sister in law in Phoenix, and after a lot of screaming and yelling and toddlers everywhere, we finally saw the bright pink frosting. I had a feeling it was a girl, mostly because I’ve been so sick, but also I kind if just knew. I’m excited for the adventure of a girl, but now I need to find a new home for all of Masons baby clothes!! 😂

In other news I started working out again which is amazing. I tried one of my fave classes from 24HR, the CXWorks because it’s mostly butt and legs with some ab work that I knew I could modify, and it was awesome but I didn’t modify enough on some of the burpees and mountain climber actions. I was hurting so bad the next day! Good sore in a lot of places but my back was killing me. My BFF who also happens to be a trainer gave me some good tips since my ab muscles aren’t exactly helping to stabilize my core these days, and it was way better the next few times I went! My only issue is the class times are hard for my schedule, so I’m so thankful my friend Mo loaned me her Tracey Anderson Pregnancy Project DVDs. Tracey is actually pregnant and there’s a different DVD for each month of your pregnancy so you know what she’s telling you to do she clearly understands the limitations and/ discomforts. I love it! It’s a little long so I’m working on squeezing it in, but I adore the simple, low impact, but super targeted movements. Especially since I’m having a girl this time and I hear that makes you ugly I’m trying to stay ahead of the game. 😂

We met Masons pre-school teacher today and I managed to not cry at all, which is amazing, I guess I’m saving it all for Tuesday. Today was a seriously crazy day and I’m grateful this week is almost over, and we can enjoy a day of rest together on Sunday as a family.

Week: 14
Date: 8/15/14

How big is baby? A lemon

Pregnancy symptoms? Soooo hot. And tired. And so so so impatient. I’m working on it so hard but I’m just so over everything all the time.

Cravings? The usual icy things and pancakes and chips.

Aversions? Eggs and raw chicken seem to be all I can’t handle. I even drank coffee twice this week. It’s been glorious.

Best moment this week? Gender reveal night with my besties and fam.

What are you looking forward to next week? Working out 5 times.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? So much crying! I think with Mason starting school and finding out I’m having a girl it’s just a lot of changes at once for me. So many tears.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? No but I would appreciate if this baby would be an actual bump and not just look like I’m eating chips and pancakes all day. Oh wait….. 🙀

Any stretch marks? No I’m watching for them though.

How much weight have you gained? I lost a pound according to the doctor.

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? Nope nothing yet!

Know gender? Totally a girl.

What baby project are you working on? Trying to plan a girl nursery. Lord have mercy.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? Labor is the last thing I’m worried about now. Girls are a lot of work.