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Late Baby Update – 22 Weeks

IMG_1586So I’m sad I missed this update because we actually did have some interesting things happen that week, so I wanted to quickly do a little catch up before I post this weeks.

Overall I’ve been feeling good, just tired, and noticing anytime I do any activities, workout, grocery shop, chase Mase at the park, whatever, my whole uterus contracts like a giant cramp and doesn’t let up for hours. Like hours and hours. To start off with its not painful, just uncomfortable, but going on like 7 or 8 it starts to hurt pretty bad. I talked to my doctor about it, and it said it’s most likely positional due to the baby growing and if it happens to put my feet up or lay down on my side and try to get the baby to move. Oh yeah, why didn’t I think about just putting my feet up and laying down all day? Doctors are so silly. Anyway Monday was a day like that just tight and difficult, but Monday night I was sitting (finally) once Mase went to bed and this baby started jumping and moving so much my belly was moving. I noted this because its the first time I had felt her so forcefully and the first time I saw actual movement. When they move it’s just the most magical and insane part of being pregnant.

So move on to Tuesday where we had another day of cramping and annoying uterus but this time I didn’t feel her at all. By Wednesday I was actually in a lot of pain, and it only subsided if I just laid on my side and didn’t move. Try explaining that to a 2 year old. Actually Mase was very sweet and brought me his shark collection and some trains to play with while I was laying down. Again I noticed I couldn’t feel the baby moving at all. By Thursday I was still struggling and after I dropped Mase off at school I called my doctor, who was out of town, but his nurse recommended I rest and if I didn’t feel the baby moving and was concerned to go be monitored by Labor and Delivery. Up until this point I was fighting away panic and crippling fear pretty well, I mean, as well as could be expected, but after that phone call I really started to panic. Of course I’m Googling what is the normal range of movement, why is my uterus annoying right now, etc, and I got A LOT of information on stillborn babies between weeks 20-25 which was not helping me calm down. I was really wrestling with this one because I honestly didn’t want to be dramatic and make something out of nothing, I mean I’ve been pregnant before and Josh says he remembers similar annoying uterus problems with Mase, so I was trying to just stay calm and relax but the more I considered the possibilities the more I started to lose my grip on calm. So as I laid on the floor in my room with ice water and my cell phone I started to try to talk myself out of going because it’s kind of a logistical nightmare at this point.

After a few hours of arguing with myself and talking to everyone I know, I decided to go and get monitored just to be safe, my dad came to watch Mason, Josh met me at the hospital, and they took me straight up and hooked me up to all the straps. I immediately had very vivid flashbacks to delivering Mase and almost bolted but they had me tied in pretty well so I decided to just hang out. Of course instantly they found her heartbeat and it was perfect, and then you could hear her moving. After about 5 minutes of me lying there, I started feeling her. Oh and no contractions either. Poor nurse, she was so sweet and kind to me and I just felt like a complete lunatic. They monitored me for about 45 minutes and everything looked great, the OB on call reviewed everything and gave me the ok to go home, but was also so sweet and kind and told me I can come in anytime I want to for monitoring because its better to be on the safe side. I asked if I could just take it home so I could monitor myself, they said no.

So overall it was a crazy day, but I left with my heart full of gratefulness for mercy and blessings and a healthy baby. Also a much greater appreciation for the little life inside of me and the miracle that keeps all of our hearts beating. I squeezed Mason so much when I got home that he hid under the table from me, which he knows I can’t get to now that I’m whale sized, rude. And my dad got all of us fish tacos, so it was pretty much the perfect ending to a kind of hard weird day.  So here’s to no more days like this one!