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Baby Friday- 21 Weeks


Just a fun fact, now on Friday nights I ice my cankles and look longingly at wine. I kind of remember a time of life when Friday nights were awesome because you had fun plans and no responsibilities for a few days. Like I sort of vaguely remember it. I’m not saying Friday’s still aren’t awesome, I’m obsessed with them and look forward to a weekend with Josh home and no work for two wonderful, perfect days. Also I can ice my cankles. It’s just different. 😂

This week we had a quick check in with my Doctor and Baby looks great, measuring exactly as she should, so I’m grateful so far she’s normal sized. I’ll go in to a specialist more frequently in my third trimester to monitor fluid levels and growth more carefully so I can be a bit more informed when I make some decisions about delivery.

I’m trying to talk Josh into labor and delivery photos, that’s my next mission. I’m not looking for anything graphic of my body parts, thanks but no thanks, but since Josh wants us to be done I want the whole shebang documented. I mean I don’t even remember my first moments with Mason. Thank God my friend Mo recorded it! The last thing I remember is peering up at a roomful of masks and screaming that I could feel things before the blessed anesthesiologist mercifully knocked me out completely. The next thing I remember is probably sometime later that morning, maybe the nurse was bathing Mase? Anyway thanks to my bestie there’s good video of me with Mase hours before that, but this time I want photographic proof that all that happens. Josh is “on the fence” but I have plenty of time to convince him.

Mason also got a few very kind words from his teacher this week, which was awesome. We had a small incident where he told me he spit at his teacher and I walked him through the whole thing “we don’t spit, it’s ugly and disrespectful, blah blah blah” and told him I would ask his teacher and if he spit he would need to apologize. He was so repentant, he even practiced his apology for me. The next school day I asked his teacher about it and she just looked confused and then told me all the kids were pretending to be race cars and making engine noises and spitting and Mase got upset and kept yelling “I’m not allowed to spit!”. Poor thing but heyyyooooo some of the crap I’m constantly telling him is sticking! Win! Then she told me that his behavior has actually improved tremendously the last few weeks and she’s seeing a huge difference. I wanted to hug her but I don’t want to seem desperate. I made a deal with her that I’ll believe half of what he says about her if she promises not to believe everything he says about me. 😂 I mean can you imagine?

We’re still suffering through #heatwave2014 and I just keep checking my weather app and the NOAA website to see if anyone has any hope for us. Apparently none in sight, but they do promise a “cooling trend” in the mid 80s next week so I’m trying to be grateful for under 90. The first time I put on boots and a sweater this year will be a glorious day.

So that’s my week in a nutshell. About half done with this deal so we’re just moving right along! I’m trying to restrain from buying every bow I see and focus on my plans for her nursery but it’s hard. I’ll keep trying but bows are irresistible.

Week: 21
Date: 10/2/14

How big is baby? A baby bok choy. Who comes up with these comparisons?!?!

Pregnancy symptoms? Tired and chubby. ( I sometimes just leave last weeks answers since they still apply)

Cravings? All I wanted yesterday and today was lasagna. Like really good, spicy lasagna. I had roasted chicken and rice and Brussels sprouts instead. So lame.

Aversions? Toddler tantrums

Best moment this week? Josh feeling the baby kick for the first time.

What are you looking forward to next week? Maybe I’ll do some nursery planning?

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? A little bit of everything this week. Lovely.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? No I still need to go shopping.

Any stretch marks? Not yet.

How much weight have you gained? Still 11! Looks like 400 but still 11

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? No pattern and totally randomly but yes, some good swishing in there.

Know gender? Totally a girl.

Names? Scarlett. Josh is still pretending he doesn’t know what’s going on.

What baby project are you working on? I found bedding that might work perfectly this week at Pottery Barn, and if so, I’m going to die of happiness.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? Ugh.