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Baby Friday- 20 Weeks

Western Day at school, so Mase is decked out in his boots and belt buckle and holding his sisters ultrasound photos. He told me it was his new brother.
Western Day at school, so Mase is decked out in his boots and belt buckle and holding his sisters ultrasound photos. He told me it was his new brother.

We had the best vacation ever. It was super short and involved a TON of driving and some wrong directions, but Northern California is just breathtaking and one one time with my two favorite guys with no crazy work emails or dishes was just the best thing ever.

Mason got to see some sharks first hand, but he was annoyed they don’t have whale sharks, and is still requesting a visit to the Georgia Aquarium. Josh told him when he gets $300 in his piggy bank we can go. He makes me help him count his pennies every day now. Poor thing, he has a ways to go!

Our 20 week anatomy scans went really well, they confirmed she’s a girl, (whew I don’t think I can return all of those bows….), and she’s healthy and happy in there. I’m just thankful and awed that there’s a new life growing inside of me and praying she stays safe and comfy until its time to come out.

Total workout fail AGAIN, and I basically ate my way through Monterey, so no wonder I feel huge. I’m trying to get back into some kind of rhythm with a schedule for cleaning my house  and working out around my other work, but someone please tell me it actually is hard to fit in working out when you have a job and a husband and a toddler and you’re pregnant. I feel like I’m being so lame and just not trying hard enough and then I have nightmares about being a literal beached whale and its terrifying. I hate making excuses for myself but, por ejemplo ,last night after sweating my face off all day, taking Mase and picking him up from preschool, doing the grocery shopping, feeding the child, working 8 hours and then cleaning the kitchen, cooking dinner, then cleaning the kitchen again, then getting Mase ready for bed, I put a giant pillow under my slightly swollen cankles on the coffee table and announced to the room that Mommy and/or Jess have officially clocked out for the evening, so thank you and good day.  Josh brought me my phone and the tv remote and gallon of water and I didn’t move for 2 hours. Thank you fall premieres….(OMG…Scandal….). I should have taken that opportunity to work out or clean something or maybe work more but when you look down and your ankles are thick its either lie down and relax or just throw in the towel all together right? I can’t be alone in feeling this way.

Here’s to week 21 and maybe cooler temperatures and little less whining. 🙂


Week: 20
Date: 9/26/14

How big is baby? A banana. About 10 inches from head to foot. We’re starting to grow here folks.

Pregnancy symptoms? Tired and chubby. ( I sometimes just leave last weeks answers since they still apply)

Cravings? Nothing crazy this week. I mean I always want things I probably shouldn’t eat so I can’t really blame the baby for that. I did freakishly demand a frosty from Wendy’s recently and holy cow those things are amazing!

Aversions? Nothing new besides egg and sweating to death in this blasted heat from the pit of hell.

Best moment this week? A healthy baby scan at our big anatomy ultrasound this week. I’ve been especially anxious this pregnancy for some reason and hearing “oh there’s a perfect heart” and “oh look, good brain blah blah blah” is just so comforting.

What are you looking forward to next week? Hmmm nothing comes to mind. Maybe a temperature below 89?

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? Still hot. And very annoyed with this work/life balance thing that I fail at consistently.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? No but not because I don’t need them. I need a stylist, I just opt for leggings and tunic tanks and when that’s too hot I wear my cut offs and that horrid belly band.

Any stretch marks? Not yet.

How much weight have you gained? Offically 11 pounds per the doctor. It feels like 400 so I’ll take 11.

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? Every now and then I think I do. Nothing consistent and nothing serious but occasionally she reminds me she’s there.

Know gender? Totally a girl.

Names? Scarlett. Josh is still pretending he doesn’t know what’s going on.

What baby project are you working on? I found bedding that might work perfectly this week at Pottery Barn, and if so, I’m going to die of happiness.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? Ugh.