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DIY Gel Manicure Part 2

Aughhhhhh total fail! I should has seen it coming from a mile away, but of course my whole mani was chipped within 3 days. Such a waste. Honestly I am kind of depressed about it. I really had high hopes for that one. Maybe my layers were too think? I am going to try it another time and see if I adjust thickness and dry time if it helps.


Total fail.

Manicure MONDAY!!!

Well….a little bit late, but just in time for VALENTINES DAY!!! Of course we love any excuse for a festive  manicure, and Love Day is no exception. 

First we have OPI “Sweet Memories” and a little hit of glitter with Essie’s “A Cut Above” from their Luxe Collection. Any excuse to add this one glitter finger is a good one for me!!



For our next mani…we have OPI’s “Eternal Optimist” with a fun little heart in “Wicked” 



And finally, we have OPI’s “I Mainly Eat Lobster” 



Yay for manicures! And I apologize this is obviously not Monday….but if you have been reading any of our other blog posts, I’m really just impressed this was done before next week. Hopefully these colors inspire you to paint something fun on those fingers!! 




the mamas 🙂