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Okay, these mamas are going camping! Well…two of them are. I’m going fake camping. Its that fun game where your husband hates sleeping on the ground and being dirty and doesn’t want to bring a toddler along for that fun, and you get a hotel room half a mile away from your friends camp sites. However, we are providing the camp stove, so I consider myself an integral part of the process. Amidst the tons of planning and prep we’re doing, I have been focusing on what’s really important. S’mores. Obviously when you’re going to be in a bathing suit for days on end you should be spending your time Pinning recipes to fatten you up. I found these babies on Pinterest.


We have three nights, so we need lots of options!!!  We’ll definitely share our favorites after we’re all done!!!

We’ll have lots of fun updates with *hopefully* good photos of our nuggets on their first ever Friendly Vacation.