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Baby Friday- 11 Weeks



Well here we are, 11 weeks pregnant with baby number two. We finally announced it this weekend to our family and extended friends, and its making it a lot more fun. When basically no one knows you can kind of pretend you’re not pregnant, which is weird and confusing on all counts. I mean there are some benefits, I’m almost a third of the way done and I kind of feel like I just found out again. Which is nice, because pregnancy is a long 40 weeks people. Which in case you were wondering is 10 months, not 9.

I’m grateful I’m feeling pretty decently. Had a pretty rough week 6 and 7, and a rough day here or there, but I’m so thankful that I’m mostly just fine. Food is my biggest issue. Especially because I basically got pregnant on that horrid Whole30, now I’m just confused. Even the thought of eggs makes me want to die, and avocado’s are not okay. Guacamole is acceptable at certain times, but not all the time. Chicken is a big fat no, all I want is red meat and fish and cheeseburgers. Actually all I want is saltine crackers and turkey sandwiches with pickles. I’m really struggling trying to eat healthy and balanced and not gag. My doctor assures me this will get better over the next few weeks, and I’ll be able to eat vegetables that aren’t broccoli, but I’m not convinced. Also all my grand plans for working out died along with my dreams of a flat stomach this summer, as I can barely keep my eyes open to feed Mason dinner, much less attempt a work out. Josh’s school schedule calmed down this week, so I’m determined to fit it in, since we all know what happened the last time I was pregnant (one word, cow). And I’m just hoping that in the next few weeks I can focus on more vegetables in my diet and less gagging.

We had a good doctors appointment last week, baby is healthy and measuring right on track, and I’m going for an NT ultrasound sometime in the next two weeks, so that will be fun. Anytime I get an extra ultrasound, especially a 3D one, I’m happy. So far I’m REALLY feeling like this one is a girl which is kind of exciting, but also terrifying. Josh already said the poor thing is going to have to play with all of Mason’s cars because we will only be able to afford her bows and dresses. We’ll see how it turns out, but I’m betting girl.

Week: 11

Date: 7/23/14

How big is baby? The size of a Brussels sprout.

Pregnancy symptoms? Just tired, and some mornings I wake up pretty nauseous but it goes away if I eat something carby.

Cravings? Meat. Except for first thing in the morning, then I want bagels.

Aversions? Any sort of protein in the mornings, eggs, chicken, avocados, cooked vegetables

Best moment this week?  Mason telling my BFF Sandy “Mommy has a baby in her tummy!”

What are you looking forward to next week? Hopefully another ultrasound and eating more vegetables.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? The usual panic and anxiety anytime I consider having a second child and working and our small condo and blah blah blah blah

Are you wearing maternity clothes? Not yet, now I just look chubby and bloated so I’m covering it with flowy tank tops.

Any stretch marks? No, and I’m going to buy stock in my toning oil. It didn’t fail me with Mase, so here’s to a 2nd try.

How much weight have you gained? 1 pound. Or so the doctor says. My bloated stomach looks otherwise.

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? Sharp shooting pains on my right side, which Josh claims to remember from Mason.

Know gender? What’s your intuition? Not yet, I wish! I have a feeling it’s a girl this time.

Have you decided on names? We picked a girl name and we have a top 3 list for boys that keeps kind of rotating.

What has dad been up to this week? Working more than he should and studying hard.

What baby project are you working on? I can’t even think about it because I get too stressed. Because if I start thinking about Mason and the new baby in the same room I start panicking and can’t breathe. I know it will work but I just can’t deal with it right now. So I’m not doing anything. Except I bought new Aden+Anais swaddles for the new baby at the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. That counts right?

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? Ha, I probably won’t, like last time.

Target run anyone?

Before (and by the word “before” we always collectively mean “before the 3 of us had babies”), Sister (Marisa) and I would meet every Saturday morning for a long glorious run up and down the coast of Del Mar.  We would catch up on life, the latest celebrity news, the latest fashions, what we learned at chuch, whatever.  We would then stop at our favorite coffee place, Peet’s, for a coffee.  And then we were off to the showers to start our days with our loves.

Now, Sister and I meet at Target.  We still run, but now it is after little ones who are grabbing balls and baseball bats, and throwing nail polish (yes, throwing nail polish across the floor).  We still catch up on life, but it is interrupted by poop, yelling, grabbing, and squeals of delight.

And Sister and I still have a blast :).

The Definition of Success

Hi Mamas and Friends of Mamas!  Welcome to our new blog. 🙂

Your definition of success changes when you have baby.  Before, success was graduating college, going to law school, falling in love and marrying the love of your life, getting jobs….  Now, success is defined by the following:

1) Getting a shower before leaving your house.

2) Making it out of Vons without you or the baby crying.

3) Remembering why you went to Vons in the first place.

4) Making it through a weekend without you and your love getting frustrated at each other.

5) Getting to church on time.

6) Getting anywhere on time.

7) Everyone being able to eat at the same time, and finish their meal before baby decides meal time is over.

8) Getting your morning coffee.

9) Changing a poopy diaper without baby putting his hands in the poop or crying.

10) Two words – girls’ night.

11) Finding a few blissful moments to blog.

What makes you feel successful or accomplished definitely changes after having a baby.  I have the biggest feeling of success when I hold my sweet boy in my arms.  Maybe it is after an unfortunate fall, maybe it is after a bath.  Maybe it is during that quiet time just before he closes his eyes for the night.  But nothing beats that feeling.

What has been redefined in your life?  Every day I find something in my life, or in me, that is getting redefined (or refined).  I am learning to enjoy the process :).



When moms away the babes will play!

Hi mamas! We have been a bit under the weather at our house this week (I’m convinced I was germinated in my teacher assistant job at church on Sunday- only so many tambourines one can make without picking up some sort of germs, or poop on the lap-tmi? Ok I’ll tell that one later…)
So, I say we have been under the weather, but if I could rate sickness mama had it worst! Daddy had bad enough to leave tissues everywhere, but still managed to be able to work a bit and help keep the house and babe together. Well semi together… 
Usually I’m kind of a neat freak, well like everything has to be in its place in the room I’m in, or I can’t get anything done until things are how they “should be”. is that a neat freak? Usually this doesn’t work with a 21 month old, rather it creates quite a frustrating game of mommy puts away, jack takes out 24 things while mommy is putting away, and then mommy has 24 more things to clean up. I’m learning to let things go people, I don’t like losing the “put away” game. I don’t like being a neat freak either so we are learning to find a happy medium.
 Ok, where was I? So I’m sick -ever had a stomach bug and like a cold flu bug together? weird and awful! Jackson is like kinda sick, but then weirdly full of energy and into EVERYTHING!! At some moment yesterday, in between sleep and delirious awake I opened my eyes to toys scattered all over my living room, a drooling guitar playing  rockstar climbing over my face-heading for a leap off the top of the couch( a possible chip crumb and hard boiled egg piece stuck in his frizzed out curls) picture frames knocked to the ground, and in the background  Dora the explorer on an adventure. All I can say is God bless my sweet husband for holding down the fort while I was down! I woke up the second time to a little less of a mess and Jack busting out some dance moves, and sit ups before stopping for a bite of chicken soup and some more hard boiled egg (his obsession these days)! 
When mamas are down the babes will play! and you know what? it’s ok – the house will get back to a normal state eventually, and this mama sometimes his has to let things go! Thanks to my love for helping keep it together!

Baby or toddler- what are you?

So, maybe I missed the boat on this or maybe I’m in denial. Lately my 21 month old has been amazing me with his constantly changing, developing personality! So, it has led me to ask this question of when does a baby become a toddler? Is there like a certain month that marks this right of passage? Is it their first fit? I no longer need to take a stroller everywhere, I can leave my extra fan diaper bag in the car, we have talks about peeing in the potty and not in diapers, wait, back up, we have “talks”! 

I love my little man more than I could ever say, I guess those “old”moms were right when they said “they grow up too fast”. I’m freshly reminded to enjoy every second with this little nugget, and I will decide when I’m ready to admit he’s a toddler now;)

Ninja Baby

We’re in that awkward phase of going from two naps to one. You know the time when the child NEEDS to sleep the extra two hours, but just doesn’t. So the time frames you’ve carefully carved out to get things done like work or shower suddenly just aren’t there, and you’re trying to adjust and reschedule your life. I’m trying to figure out the best solution for Mase, and as we navigate this horrid phase together, I’m being given many opportunities for growth.

For example, today.

I decided I was going to win this game today, and NOT try to put him down at his regular time. I was going to get ready early, we were going to run to Target for a few things, and then head over to my parents to hang out until Josh got home so I could go to the office this afternoon.

A few backstory items to really tell this story. 1) I haven’t had a cup of really steaming hot coffee in 14 months. For some reason I can’t seem to just drink a dang cup of coffee straight through, its consistently cold. Not sure why I’m suddenly incapable of drinking coffee in a reasonable amount of time, but there it is. 2) If you read my previous post, I’m REALLY excited about my new cleaning schedule, and I’m also REALLY proud of my shiny bathroom. (Like I said….room for growth)

Since today is Wednesday, Josh goes into work at 7am, bless his heart, so he can come home and watch the nugget while I work in the office. This means I’m all alone with the MaseFace on Wednesdays, and he knows he’s smarter than me.

I got up with him, fed him, and we played for a bit, and then I had to get a move on. I put up the appropriate baby gates, grabbed my giant cup of *cold* coffee, and marched off to my bedroom to get ready for the day, and check all of my “to do’s” off my list.

I did a quick scan of the bedroom. We’ve babyproofed it as best we can, and I made sure trash cans were up and the closet doors were closed. I set my coffee mug on the counter and I even stopped and thought, “there’s no way he can reach that, you’re good”. Sad rookie mistake.

Mase isn’t walking on his own yet, he navigates the entire house by clutching the sides of the walls, or pushing his giant zebra scooter for support. I WRONGLY assumed that since he could not walk on his own, he could not climb up a cabinet face. WRONG.

He was gleefully pulling at my phone charger and knocking on my closet door so I figured I had a few minutes. I was on the opposite side of the room, still in full view, trying to get dressed, when I saw it. Movements so slow I swear they were in actual slow motion. I watched kind of stunned as I saw him clutch the cabinet door with his monkey-like toes and grab onto the sink. As soon as I realized what was happening it was too late. He swung his free hand over his body with such force and momentum, he was able to snatch that giant cup of cold coffee. At this point I’m screaming noooooooooooo and running, but apparently that was also in slow motion because as I’m lunging for him, he threw that cup down on the floor with such determination I wasn’t sure if I should cry or be impressed.

He calmly sat down on the ground in the huge soaking wet spot of coffee and patted the floor and said his best excited “Mama! Mama! Shhhhh! Mama!!!!” (he shushes me….I choose to believe its out of excitement, not actually telling me to shut up). My first reaction was to grab him out of the coffee mess, then I set him back down because ew, he was covered in coffee. Then I looked around. There was coffee spatter literally everywhere. All over my beautifully cleaned cabinets, mirrors, walls, doors and even ceiling. (Which is not mentioned on the cleaning schedule). I am ashamed to admit that even though my baby was actually really proud of himself for his accomplishment of scaling a cabinet wall and pouring my coffee everywhere I was angry with him. I was annoyed that my itinerary was interfered with, I was irritated that I would have to clean everything yet again, and I was horrified by the thought of “what if that coffee had been hot”?

Thankfully I paused for a minute to be grateful. Well, first I apologized to my son for scaring him with my crazed yelling and lunges to reach him and my coffee cup, and  also for sitting him back down in wet coffee carpet. And then I thanked God for this miracle I get to stare at every day, and even though I am a total fail, for some reason he is mine. I had my blessed moment, and then I got back to cleaning. Which was another fail.

After the cleaning was done, Mase needed to be dressed and it was time to pull it back together and continue with my even more unscheduled day.

Of course everything that was meant to be accomplished today, was accomplished. Not the way I would have wanted it, but like I said, I’m growing over here. And who doesn’t love the idea of Mason dressing up like a ninja? 🙂