Baby Friday- 25 Weeks

Happy Halloween!!! Here is a little flashback to my little elephant and my little Superman on his first two Halloweens. We’re very excited to be a great white shark today, although he also just got some fireman rain boots which he refuses to take off. So we might be a shark with rain boots tonight. 🙂


Ugh I skipped a week again. I do have the photo, but I just ran out of time. Time is something I’m feeling short on for just about everything these days. So lets get to this baby! 25 weeks! Pretty crazy actually, its flying by for this pregnancy. Its kind of terrifying me because I am not ready to have a newborn, but also kind of excited to not be pregnant anymore. 10 months works out to a long time. Thank goodness I’m not an elephant or some other animal who pregnant for years. We had a nice little check up this week and everything looks good, baby is strong and healthy and growing. I’m still struggling with an extremely annoying uterus, but usually if I lay on my side for a few minutes when it starts to cramp it relaxes for  while so that’s how I’ve been handling that.

We had Mason’s first parent-teacher conference yesterday. Kind of a big day, I was definitely more emotional about it than you should be. His teacher had wonderful things to say about my little love, as well as some really good suggestions on things I  can do with him at home to practice some of the things he’s working on in school. She also told me he has the best manners of any 2 year old she’s ever seen, and given how difficult the last few months have been and how much I want to literally throw myself off every building I see due to potty training, it was SO nice to hear something like that. At least please and thank you are sticking with this one, I’ll always have the manners.

I finally decided on just buying the new baby a new crib. We’ve been debating the bed situation for this kid since I got pregnant, the idea was to have her sleep in the Moses basket in our room until she outgrew it, then give her Mason’s crib and get him a toddler bed. Well we got the basket down and I started having flashbacks of how NOT fun it was to pick the baby up and down after my C section and that in combination with Mason’s deep love of his crib and my deep love of him not being able to roam the house as he pleases in the night, we just decided a new crib was the path of least resistance. So that is my first big step. Now I need to pick one out. And find it. Oh, I also picked my bedding.  THIS from Pottery Barn is perfect for what I’m going for, a light peach and gold nursery, and I’m obsessed with the gold dots right now. So those two decisions have been made, and I feel like as long as the child has a place to sleep and some headbands, we can manage to be fit parents. Hopefully anyway.

I also had some amazing help from my dad doing some projects I’ve been meaning to do for our house recently, and I wanted to do them myself but apparently staining things when you’re pregnant is frowned upon. I will post the super easy tutorials this weekend because they’re just fun pretty things that will make you happy. 🙂

Week: 25
Date: 10/31/14

How big is baby? A Napa cabbage. Some of these foods make me feel guilty like I should probably be eating more vegetables.

Pregnancy symptoms? Irritated uterus. I’m tired and pretty grumpy by the end of every day. Is that just pregnancy though? Josh would probably say that’s normal. 🙂

Cravings? Anything I don’t have to cook.

Aversions? Still can’t stand the eggs.

Best moment this week? Definitely an encouraging update on Mason’s schooling.

What are you looking forward to next week? MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! #30AndPregnant here we come.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?Just very extreme emotions. Like I’m REALLY upset or REALLY happy and excited. So kind of just bi-polar I guess.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? Yes, and my Lululemon WunderUnders I got right after I had Mase, because they’re a size bigger than my normal size so they sit nicely under my belly, and their blessed tanks from a while back, the ones with the built in sports bra and the loose fitting blouse-y tank part with the stretchy band at the bottom. I forget the name but I should have bought 12 they’re the best ever. You can say what you want about Lulu but I’m convinced if those WunderUnders can survive the last 3 years and still look decent I’m in for life.

Any stretch marks? Not yet.

How much weight have you gained? Holy mother of God I’m at 19 pounds. Thanks a lot delicious Halloween candy.

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? Yeah she’s feisty when she wants to be. Some days pretty calm though I’m really interested to see if she’s anything like her brother.

Know gender? Totally a girl.

Names? Still Scarlett  🙂

What baby project are you working on? I’m crocheting her  a blanket. My mom made some for Mase and they’re his absolute favorites, he calls them his “nagans” instead of afghan, and he can’t sleep without at least two of them. Well we were getting colors for her to start one for Scarlett, and I thought I could do one for her too. I used to make them but it’s definitely been at least 18 years. Or possibly more. Ew I am old.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? Right now I’m praying I go into labor just like a normal person with a normal sized baby and then wake up and have a baby.



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