Baby Friday- 25 Weeks

Happy Halloween!!! Here is a little flashback to my little elephant and my little Superman on his first two Halloweens. We’re very excited to be a great white shark today, although he also just got some fireman rain boots which he refuses to take off. So we might be a shark with rain boots tonight. 🙂


Ugh I skipped a week again. I do have the photo, but I just ran out of time. Time is something I’m feeling short on for just about everything these days. So lets get to this baby! 25 weeks! Pretty crazy actually, its flying by for this pregnancy. Its kind of terrifying me because I am not ready to have a newborn, but also kind of excited to not be pregnant anymore. 10 months works out to a long time. Thank goodness I’m not an elephant or some other animal who pregnant for years. We had a nice little check up this week and everything looks good, baby is strong and healthy and growing. I’m still struggling with an extremely annoying uterus, but usually if I lay on my side for a few minutes when it starts to cramp it relaxes for  while so that’s how I’ve been handling that.

We had Mason’s first parent-teacher conference yesterday. Kind of a big day, I was definitely more emotional about it than you should be. His teacher had wonderful things to say about my little love, as well as some really good suggestions on things I  can do with him at home to practice some of the things he’s working on in school. She also told me he has the best manners of any 2 year old she’s ever seen, and given how difficult the last few months have been and how much I want to literally throw myself off every building I see due to potty training, it was SO nice to hear something like that. At least please and thank you are sticking with this one, I’ll always have the manners.

I finally decided on just buying the new baby a new crib. We’ve been debating the bed situation for this kid since I got pregnant, the idea was to have her sleep in the Moses basket in our room until she outgrew it, then give her Mason’s crib and get him a toddler bed. Well we got the basket down and I started having flashbacks of how NOT fun it was to pick the baby up and down after my C section and that in combination with Mason’s deep love of his crib and my deep love of him not being able to roam the house as he pleases in the night, we just decided a new crib was the path of least resistance. So that is my first big step. Now I need to pick one out. And find it. Oh, I also picked my bedding.  THIS from Pottery Barn is perfect for what I’m going for, a light peach and gold nursery, and I’m obsessed with the gold dots right now. So those two decisions have been made, and I feel like as long as the child has a place to sleep and some headbands, we can manage to be fit parents. Hopefully anyway.

I also had some amazing help from my dad doing some projects I’ve been meaning to do for our house recently, and I wanted to do them myself but apparently staining things when you’re pregnant is frowned upon. I will post the super easy tutorials this weekend because they’re just fun pretty things that will make you happy. 🙂

Week: 25
Date: 10/31/14

How big is baby? A Napa cabbage. Some of these foods make me feel guilty like I should probably be eating more vegetables.

Pregnancy symptoms? Irritated uterus. I’m tired and pretty grumpy by the end of every day. Is that just pregnancy though? Josh would probably say that’s normal. 🙂

Cravings? Anything I don’t have to cook.

Aversions? Still can’t stand the eggs.

Best moment this week? Definitely an encouraging update on Mason’s schooling.

What are you looking forward to next week? MY BIRTHDAY PARTY! #30AndPregnant here we come.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week?Just very extreme emotions. Like I’m REALLY upset or REALLY happy and excited. So kind of just bi-polar I guess.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? Yes, and my Lululemon WunderUnders I got right after I had Mase, because they’re a size bigger than my normal size so they sit nicely under my belly, and their blessed tanks from a while back, the ones with the built in sports bra and the loose fitting blouse-y tank part with the stretchy band at the bottom. I forget the name but I should have bought 12 they’re the best ever. You can say what you want about Lulu but I’m convinced if those WunderUnders can survive the last 3 years and still look decent I’m in for life.

Any stretch marks? Not yet.

How much weight have you gained? Holy mother of God I’m at 19 pounds. Thanks a lot delicious Halloween candy.

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? Yeah she’s feisty when she wants to be. Some days pretty calm though I’m really interested to see if she’s anything like her brother.

Know gender? Totally a girl.

Names? Still Scarlett  🙂

What baby project are you working on? I’m crocheting her  a blanket. My mom made some for Mase and they’re his absolute favorites, he calls them his “nagans” instead of afghan, and he can’t sleep without at least two of them. Well we were getting colors for her to start one for Scarlett, and I thought I could do one for her too. I used to make them but it’s definitely been at least 18 years. Or possibly more. Ew I am old.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? Right now I’m praying I go into labor just like a normal person with a normal sized baby and then wake up and have a baby.



Baby Friday- 23 Weeks + My Favorite Things



Mason was saying “cheese” for this but refused to look at the camera so here is what we have.

So for this week, since I’m a little over halfway done, I thought I would share a few of my favorite things being this pregnant.

First off, I have found the holy grail of maternity jeans. I haven’t actually tried on a ton this time, but I remember hating them last time. That full belly panel nonsense did nothing but annoy me, and probably because my baby “bump” is more like a baby mountain and they never fit me properly, but it just wasn’t ever comfortable. Enter these gems from Paige Premium Denim the Skyline Maternity Skinny Jeans . I cannot even tell you how amazing these jeans are. They are super stretchy but still have the structure of denim and the elastic side panels are full on genius. I was terrified about the sizing but I read the reviews, and since my regular Paige jeans run big I went with my pre-pregnancy size, and I was not disappointed. They’re a little long, as you can see in the photo, and they do sell an ankle length but it was back ordered  and I couldn’t wait. 🙂  They fit perfectly and these babies will work so beautifully for after baby when you’re just squish and hideousness. LOVE IT! Annnnnnd they’re on sale! 25% off the usual price, which is still kind of a lot, but if you’re like me and basically live in jeans, its worth the investment. Especially since they’re versatile for post partum as well.

My next find is the entire MAMA line at H&M.  Super affordable tops and leggings, and the tops all have just the right amount of stretch in them to make them flattering but not too tight. Amazing. I haven’t gotten anything new yet, but I pulled out a few of my faves from last time and they’re just as good as ever. Lots of fun new stuff online though, so I’m excited.

On a Silver Platter by Essie. Just because I’m approximately the size of a double wide doesn’t mean I don’t still want nice nails. This polish spoke to me because of its sparkle, but also because the little ad next to it showed it as an ombre effect on the tips over a dark polish. Like Bahama Mama perhaps 🙂 I was intrigued because I had a chipped and failing mani, so I just tried the sparkly ombre on the tips and viola! We lasted another few days! Super fun, just right amount of sparkly before the holidays.

Loreal Telescopic Mascara in Carbon Black. This was like $7 at my Target and I could not be more obsessed with this mascara. I really needed something that would add length and depth and make it work on days when all I can manage is a swipe before running out the door. This is amazing, my lashes look long and beautiful and there is no glue or falsies involved. 🙂

Hot Tools Curling Iron 1 1/4 in. I am obsessed with this curling iron. I read about it on my favorite new beauty blog, and it is everything. My hair desperately needs a trim and some other assistance, but this curling iron leaves big beachy curls that last all day and then some. And it heats up to a bazillion degrees so its super fast to get your whole head done. A must when you’re pregnant.

Belly Cream. So I swore by Mothers Special Blend oil my first pregnancy, it helped with the itchiness and prevented stretch marks, even on that huge belly. So this time I started using it again and I still like it, but I have found that it leaves my skin a little oily feeling and then if I need to pull my shirt down right away it leaves a residue on my shirts as well. Not in love with that so much. This time also I am kind of obsessed with essential oils and I’ve seen a lot of recipes floating around so I thought I would try one. OMG. The blend I made has coconut oil, vitamin E oil, lavender, grapefruit, frankincense and helichrysum  only because I didn’t have the other ones it asked for, and it is AMAZING. It smells amazing, it leaves my skin feeling so silky and smooth and the helichrysum and frankinsense promote healing and skin regeneration so I’m loading up my old C-section scar as well. I’m still throwing in some of the Mothers Special Blend every now and then when I have time to “air dry”, just to be safe, but this is my new cream for sure.

And last, but not least, the best pregnancy invention ever. The body pillow. Not just any pillow, mind you, but one that curves around all your parts to support the belly and neck and keep you supported. My personal favorite is from LeachCo, and it’s the Back and Belly Contour option. It’s the double sided model which I love since my sciatica problems only let me sleep on one side for a few hours at a time, this baby lets me just flip and get comfy again without having to move pillows. This pillow was a gift given to me by one of my besties and it’s by far the best preggo investment ever.


So these are my new favorite things for this part of being pregnant. I hope you enjoy. 🙂


Week: 23
Date: 10/17/14

How big is baby? A large mango. They told me she was a spaghetti squash last week and maybe I’m just not looking at normal sized spaghetti squash but I’ve never seen a mango bigger than a squash.

Pregnancy symptoms? Tired and chubby. ( I sometimes just leave last weeks answers since they still apply)

Cravings? Meatballs and the marinara sauce from Costco with lots of cheese.

Aversions? Potty training “regressions”

Best moment this week? Celebrating 5 years together with my Dreamlove.

What are you looking forward to next week? It’s cooling off so I’m planning as many pumpkin patch adventures with Mase as I can!

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? A lot of tears this week again. Mason had an accident at the park like the number 2 kind and I just started crying. He was like whatever about it so I pulled it together, crying is kind of extreme for that situation.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? Yes I finally got a few good and comfy things!

Any stretch marks? Not yet.

How much weight have you gained? I was still at 11 at my last doctors appointment but after our anniversary weekend I’m sure its 100.

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? Yep! So nice when I do. : )

Know gender? Totally a girl.

Names? Scarlett. Josh got me a charm for my Tiffany’s bracelet with an S on it and even today he was like “are we sure on the name?” hahah YES! We are sure!

What baby project are you working on? I moved the stuff out of the corner that will be Scarlett’s and I have also Googled DIY canopies so I am making progress.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? Ugh.



Late Baby Update – 22 Weeks

IMG_1586So I’m sad I missed this update because we actually did have some interesting things happen that week, so I wanted to quickly do a little catch up before I post this weeks.

Overall I’ve been feeling good, just tired, and noticing anytime I do any activities, workout, grocery shop, chase Mase at the park, whatever, my whole uterus contracts like a giant cramp and doesn’t let up for hours. Like hours and hours. To start off with its not painful, just uncomfortable, but going on like 7 or 8 it starts to hurt pretty bad. I talked to my doctor about it, and it said it’s most likely positional due to the baby growing and if it happens to put my feet up or lay down on my side and try to get the baby to move. Oh yeah, why didn’t I think about just putting my feet up and laying down all day? Doctors are so silly. Anyway Monday was a day like that just tight and difficult, but Monday night I was sitting (finally) once Mase went to bed and this baby started jumping and moving so much my belly was moving. I noted this because its the first time I had felt her so forcefully and the first time I saw actual movement. When they move it’s just the most magical and insane part of being pregnant.

So move on to Tuesday where we had another day of cramping and annoying uterus but this time I didn’t feel her at all. By Wednesday I was actually in a lot of pain, and it only subsided if I just laid on my side and didn’t move. Try explaining that to a 2 year old. Actually Mase was very sweet and brought me his shark collection and some trains to play with while I was laying down. Again I noticed I couldn’t feel the baby moving at all. By Thursday I was still struggling and after I dropped Mase off at school I called my doctor, who was out of town, but his nurse recommended I rest and if I didn’t feel the baby moving and was concerned to go be monitored by Labor and Delivery. Up until this point I was fighting away panic and crippling fear pretty well, I mean, as well as could be expected, but after that phone call I really started to panic. Of course I’m Googling what is the normal range of movement, why is my uterus annoying right now, etc, and I got A LOT of information on stillborn babies between weeks 20-25 which was not helping me calm down. I was really wrestling with this one because I honestly didn’t want to be dramatic and make something out of nothing, I mean I’ve been pregnant before and Josh says he remembers similar annoying uterus problems with Mase, so I was trying to just stay calm and relax but the more I considered the possibilities the more I started to lose my grip on calm. So as I laid on the floor in my room with ice water and my cell phone I started to try to talk myself out of going because it’s kind of a logistical nightmare at this point.

After a few hours of arguing with myself and talking to everyone I know, I decided to go and get monitored just to be safe, my dad came to watch Mason, Josh met me at the hospital, and they took me straight up and hooked me up to all the straps. I immediately had very vivid flashbacks to delivering Mase and almost bolted but they had me tied in pretty well so I decided to just hang out. Of course instantly they found her heartbeat and it was perfect, and then you could hear her moving. After about 5 minutes of me lying there, I started feeling her. Oh and no contractions either. Poor nurse, she was so sweet and kind to me and I just felt like a complete lunatic. They monitored me for about 45 minutes and everything looked great, the OB on call reviewed everything and gave me the ok to go home, but was also so sweet and kind and told me I can come in anytime I want to for monitoring because its better to be on the safe side. I asked if I could just take it home so I could monitor myself, they said no.

So overall it was a crazy day, but I left with my heart full of gratefulness for mercy and blessings and a healthy baby. Also a much greater appreciation for the little life inside of me and the miracle that keeps all of our hearts beating. I squeezed Mason so much when I got home that he hid under the table from me, which he knows I can’t get to now that I’m whale sized, rude. And my dad got all of us fish tacos, so it was pretty much the perfect ending to a kind of hard weird day.  So here’s to no more days like this one!

Baby Friday- 21 Weeks


Just a fun fact, now on Friday nights I ice my cankles and look longingly at wine. I kind of remember a time of life when Friday nights were awesome because you had fun plans and no responsibilities for a few days. Like I sort of vaguely remember it. I’m not saying Friday’s still aren’t awesome, I’m obsessed with them and look forward to a weekend with Josh home and no work for two wonderful, perfect days. Also I can ice my cankles. It’s just different. 😂

This week we had a quick check in with my Doctor and Baby looks great, measuring exactly as she should, so I’m grateful so far she’s normal sized. I’ll go in to a specialist more frequently in my third trimester to monitor fluid levels and growth more carefully so I can be a bit more informed when I make some decisions about delivery.

I’m trying to talk Josh into labor and delivery photos, that’s my next mission. I’m not looking for anything graphic of my body parts, thanks but no thanks, but since Josh wants us to be done I want the whole shebang documented. I mean I don’t even remember my first moments with Mason. Thank God my friend Mo recorded it! The last thing I remember is peering up at a roomful of masks and screaming that I could feel things before the blessed anesthesiologist mercifully knocked me out completely. The next thing I remember is probably sometime later that morning, maybe the nurse was bathing Mase? Anyway thanks to my bestie there’s good video of me with Mase hours before that, but this time I want photographic proof that all that happens. Josh is “on the fence” but I have plenty of time to convince him.

Mason also got a few very kind words from his teacher this week, which was awesome. We had a small incident where he told me he spit at his teacher and I walked him through the whole thing “we don’t spit, it’s ugly and disrespectful, blah blah blah” and told him I would ask his teacher and if he spit he would need to apologize. He was so repentant, he even practiced his apology for me. The next school day I asked his teacher about it and she just looked confused and then told me all the kids were pretending to be race cars and making engine noises and spitting and Mase got upset and kept yelling “I’m not allowed to spit!”. Poor thing but heyyyooooo some of the crap I’m constantly telling him is sticking! Win! Then she told me that his behavior has actually improved tremendously the last few weeks and she’s seeing a huge difference. I wanted to hug her but I don’t want to seem desperate. I made a deal with her that I’ll believe half of what he says about her if she promises not to believe everything he says about me. 😂 I mean can you imagine?

We’re still suffering through #heatwave2014 and I just keep checking my weather app and the NOAA website to see if anyone has any hope for us. Apparently none in sight, but they do promise a “cooling trend” in the mid 80s next week so I’m trying to be grateful for under 90. The first time I put on boots and a sweater this year will be a glorious day.

So that’s my week in a nutshell. About half done with this deal so we’re just moving right along! I’m trying to restrain from buying every bow I see and focus on my plans for her nursery but it’s hard. I’ll keep trying but bows are irresistible.

Week: 21
Date: 10/2/14

How big is baby? A baby bok choy. Who comes up with these comparisons?!?!

Pregnancy symptoms? Tired and chubby. ( I sometimes just leave last weeks answers since they still apply)

Cravings? All I wanted yesterday and today was lasagna. Like really good, spicy lasagna. I had roasted chicken and rice and Brussels sprouts instead. So lame.

Aversions? Toddler tantrums

Best moment this week? Josh feeling the baby kick for the first time.

What are you looking forward to next week? Maybe I’ll do some nursery planning?

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? A little bit of everything this week. Lovely.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? No I still need to go shopping.

Any stretch marks? Not yet.

How much weight have you gained? Still 11! Looks like 400 but still 11

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? No pattern and totally randomly but yes, some good swishing in there.

Know gender? Totally a girl.

Names? Scarlett. Josh is still pretending he doesn’t know what’s going on.

What baby project are you working on? I found bedding that might work perfectly this week at Pottery Barn, and if so, I’m going to die of happiness.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? Ugh.