Baby Friday- Week 12

Mason received a new pool toy, Mr. Turtle, and he insisted he be a part of today's photo. Enjoy.
Mason received a new pool toy, Mr. Turtle, and he insisted he be a part of today’s photo. Enjoy.


Goodbye and good riddance to you first trimester! I definitely do not remember this part of my first pregnancy, but what I do know is that being nauseas sucks with a capital S-U-C-K-S. I was so incredibly lucky to feel so great when I was pregnant with Mase, and this next trimester better be full of all the wonderful things they promise you, like tons of energy and not gagging at the sight of raw chicken. And eggs in any form. Fingers crossed. My biggest challenge is just fatigue and food. I know I have to eat to help with the morning sickness, but I’m struggling with my choices. I still blame Whole30, but whatever it is, almost everything except meat and vegetables and fruit makes me feel gross. But only carbs help the nauseas part….so I’m stuck with one or the other. That’s why I’m really hoping these food aversions get better quickly because breakfast is the toughest part of the day.

This week started off with this hideous heat wave we’re having, and before you judge me and dismiss my pain, please believe it was 88 degrees in my house at 7pm on Monday night. Not okay. To distract myself from this demonic weather, I decided that I need to get Mase on a better routine before pre-school starts in August, so we’ve been working on that, and he’s just been doing so great. I’m so grateful that he responds so well to my random ideas for structure, so I’m really hopeful that will enjoy his adventures in pre-school, (while I peer in the window and cry, obviously). Which, as a side note, there was a whole section in the packet from his school about how parents staring in the window and visiting in class the first weeks of classes was discouraged! hahah I’m sorry of course I WANT to stare in the window all day but I wouldn’t, at least not in the beginning. They encourage parent volunteers throughout the year, so I’m using that as my way in.

We have our NT ultrasound today, and Josh is coming along for that, which I’m super excited about since he hasn’t gotten to see any of the ultrasounds yet. The second pregnancy is tricky, not only are you juggling work schedules of the two of you, you have to get childcare for the kid you already have too! Most appointments we could bring Mase to, but this one is a long one, so PawPaw graciously volunteered for babysitting. I’m excited for this ultrasound, I’m praying of course that all results are normal and baby is healthy and growing well, but I’m REALLY hoping they tell me the gender. I honestly don’t know how people wait until 20 weeks. I have to know. I either have to prepare myself mentally for a girl or start getting excited about Mason’s little brother getting to use all of his fantastic clothes I saved. Either way, it’s time to know.

Week: 12
Date: 8/1/14

How big is baby? A Lime! Which makes me want margaritas…..

Pregnancy symptoms? Tired, exhausted, more tired. Oh and nauseas which makes me cranky. And hot. Just a bundle of laughs over here.

Cravings? In N Out hamburgers  protein style, hot wings, frozen grapes, frozen yogurt, slushies, Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade. Basically anything with ice involved.

Aversions? Any sort of protein in the mornings, eggs at all times, raw chicken (actually if I don’t see or prepare the chicken, and its cooked and covered with some kind of sauce, I can eat it. For example, hot wings, or teriyaki chicken. If I see the uncooked meat though, I’m done.) But most vegetables are okay now and I like avocadoes again if they’re on something else. More progress!

Best moment this week? Mason asking if he could take the baby out for a little while so I could rest. He pretended to take it out of my belly button and put it in his crib and told it to be good so mommy would feel better. He also told Josh it was his turn to take care of it. Hahahahah I can’t stop laughing about that one.

What are you looking forward to next week? Maybe finding out gender!!! If not then next week should be pretty uneventful in the baby world.

What emotions have you been experiencing this week? I’m mostly just feeling lots of sadness as I prepare Mase for pre-school. It’s definitely a bittersweet sadness, I’m happy and excited for him and so proud of the little boy he’s becoming, but also so sad that he’s growing up so fast. He’s just the sweetest, craziest, funniest little thing and I want him to stay precious and innocent forever.

Are you wearing maternity clothes? Not yet, but I’ve noticed that some of my usual comfortable positions aren’t as comfortable. Like sleeping flat on my stomach makes my organs hurt and when I do a complete forward fold it hurts like all over my torso. So things are growing in there. Thanks baby.

Any stretch marks? Not yet! I have been kind of lazy with the toning oil but I got back on the wagon last night after I realized that my pants are getting tight. Ugh.

How much weight have you gained? I vowed not to weigh myself this pregnancy. I’ll update when the doctor makes me.

Belly button in or out? In

Felt anything? Every now and then I swear I feel a flutter, but I think I’m imagining things because it’s way early according to BabyCenter.

Know gender? What’s your intuition? Still waiting. Still think it’s a girl.

Have you decided on names? We still like our girl name and Josh has conceded that he “doesn’t hate” my top 2 boy picks. Progress at the Martinez house.

What has dad been up to this week? He’s still working a ton and studying a ton. That will probably be the same until December. Then he’ll probably just be working extra hard.

What baby project are you working on? I considered for about 15 minutes how I would redesign the closet in Mason’s room to accommodate a toddler and a newborn, and was excited until I actually looked at the space, and then I got anxiety and had to stop. I vacuumed instead.

Any guesses on when you’ll go into labor? No honestly I can’t even imagine it. I hope this baby just decides it wants to come out without any fuss. I mean, if you have a nauseas pregnancy doesn’t that get you a better delivery? Like some kind of trade system? Here’s to hoping for that.




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