Whole30 Day 20, Day 21, 22 AND 23

I wanted to do a separate weekend post but as you can see its Wednesday and I haven’t done any of it, so I’m just going to get us all caught up here.

I had two major obstacles this weekend, and I’m happy to say I stayed compliant the whole time. This is a serious accomplishment because it involved two of my favorite things, Cajun food, and pizza. Honestly the Cajun food I was able to withstand because I told myself I can ask my mom to just make it for me every day to make up for it in a few weeks so that wasn’t so bad. The true test was the pizza, our favorite pizza place Filippis pizza doesn’t have gluten free pizza, so for the last 2 years I’ve just gotten their antipasto salad, which is amazing, but not pizza. We decided to go there from Mothers Day Dinner with my mama, and THEY HAVE GLUTEN FREE PIZZA! I Totally decided to screw it and just eat it, but thankfully I didn’t order first and by the time it got to me, I decided to be strong and just deal with the fact that for 30 days, the food wasn’t going to make me happy. Just for 30 days I can enjoy the company of others and have random special order food that fills me up and fuels me but maybe is kind of blah. Yes yes I’m eating lots of delicious veggies and fruits and that’s all great but when you’re staring a pizza in the face salad WITH NO CHEESE is not delicious. Anyway, I did it, and it was fine, I wasn’t even angry about it, which is a huge win.

So there was not much else new that happened on Monday or Tuesday, except there is a brush fire in San Diego right now, and we’re totally fine and safe, but it is a bit distracting. Like I packed a bag just in case, and I was totally thinking so do I pack hard boiled eggs? I guess Whole30 can wait until after an evacuation? I almost just ate some chips in case it was the last thing I did, but thankfully didn’t, since the fire turned west and I wasn’t in danger at all.  Anyway, as I’m posting this no structures have been harmed and the firefighters are doing a tremendous job of fighting this fire and we’re praying that these horrid early Santa Ana’s aren’t too bad today and they can maintain it. Anyway, here’s what I ate!


Breakfast: Veggie scramble

Lunch: Grilled Hot Smoked Sausage. I asked if it had been cured with sugar or had added nitrates and the man grilling just stared at me and asked if I wanted hot sauce or not. Obviously yes.

Dinner: Sweet potato fries baked in the oven with coconut oil and sea salt and paprika, and an Applegate hot dog. This was a day of a lot of sausage I now see, but we were walking a festival for 6 hours with a toddler in the Ergo for half of it and I couldn’t move. Josh grilled the hot dog so I ate it. 🙂

Breakfast: Strawberry and Blueberry bowl in bed for Mothers Day

Mothers Day Brunch: Scrambled eggs and bacon and pears and apples

Lunch: Avocado

Dinner: Antipasto salad with no cheese



Lunch: OMG embarrasing, but I found more spaghetti squash spaghetti and ate it.

Dinner: Blackened tilapia with pepper and garlic and lemon and Costco kale salad with no dressing or cranberries. I used the Avocado Tomatillo salad and just covered everything with it.


Breakfast: Veggie and sweet potato hash. Just chop up some veggies I had mushrooms, zuchini, grape tomatoes and spinach, and saute it in some ghee. I peeled a sweet potato and grated it on my cheese grater and then threw it in with the veggies until it all got good and crispy.

Lunch: Avocado and 2 hard boiled eggs. This is my new favorite food. I seriously can’t get enough of it.

Dinner: Taco Salad with ground beef cooked down with onion, pepper and garlic, and seasoned with salt, cumin, cayenne, chili powder, oregano and black pepper. I also made guacamole with avocado, cilantro, green onion and a jalapeno and covered it all with salsa again. I would also like to point out that I made tacos for my husband with perfect tortillas and didn’t even steal a bite. True love is making tacos for someone when you can’t have them.



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