Whole30 Day 18


Today was a busy day in the office, so not as much time for thinking about the food I would rather be eating. Bonus! I even avoided anything forbidden at Oggis pizza where I met my family to pick up my nugget as my aunts and uncle are in town for our annual LeBlanc Gator Fest Extravaganza. I had lemon water. Talk about good. 🙂

The fun adults are partying it up at a blues concert tonight while I went home and I snuggled my nugget and watched Little Einsteins. We’re all going to the festival as one big happy family on Saturday and I CANNOT wait. It’s an annual Mothers Day Tradition and any time we do anything that reminds me of my grandparents I’m a happy girl.

Now the food is going to be the challenge. If I find something Whole30 compliant to eat at a Cajun festival, it will be a miracle worth instagramming and hash tagging. We’ll see, I’ll probably be the annoying nerd wheeling a cooler full of chicken and hard boiled eggs.

No new fun developments to report or exciting side effects of this process. I actually felt pretty dizzy and tired today for some reason I think I didn’t get enough water early in the morning or something. Anyway, I chugged some bottles at home and I’m doing fine now. I can’t believe I’m almost 2/3ds of the way done with this thing!

Here’s what I ate….
Breakfast: coconut cream Larabar

Lunch: kale salad greens with grilled chicken breast and my Costco salsa. (I am OBSESSED I get really fixated on things…. Sorry it’s a thing) and an avocado. I also ate jicama which I have discovered is my favorite dipping vegetable. It’s not even close to the deliciousness of a chip, but it’s crunchy and mild and is totally yummy so it works!

Snack: Fuji apple and I totally had almond butter I wanted to try but it had evaporated cane juice in the ingredients that I missed in my crazed stupor of shopping alone the other night. When you’re not used to grocery shopping in perfect silence and peace it can be unnerving and awkward. And you might buy cane juice almond butter.

Dinner: leftover Spaghetti from last week…. Ummm side note not sure if it’s still good, but it tasted yum and smelled good so I went for it. Thursdays are hard with getting off work late and Josh’s classes. Fending for myself usually gets creative.


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