Whole30 Day 17

Okay, so I’m so behind I don’t have time for rants, but Day 17 was nicer than Day 18. 🙂 Except that Mason stole my snack of raw cashews  in the afternoon and that was a low point of our day. Actually it wasn’t even the lowest point of the day. That comes during dinner. Read on to find out how awesome it was. 🙂


Here is what I ate

Breakfast: Veggie hash, and uncured preservative free sausage again 🙂

Lunch: My tuna/avocado mix on Costco Kale salad with balsamic vinegar

Dinner: Grilled Tilapia with lemon, Tony’s and garlic, grilled asparagus with olive oil and salt and pepper and a zucchini/carrot hash that was an accident. 🙂 My darling husband called to see if he could start dinner since I was running behind, and I asked him if he would julienne the two zucchini in the fridge and put it in a pan to stir fry it. I got home and bless his heart he used our cheese grater because he thought I just “wanted” a julienne peeler, he forgot I had one. 🙂 So as it was cooking, it got a little mushy so I threw in shredded carrots and turned into a hash of sorts. I thought it was pretty tasty, but when I forced my toddler to eat some of it (he has to eat a little bit of everything on his plate every night), he forced himself to gag and then proceeded to vomit the entire dinner he had previously eaten.  Pretty much summarizes my day in a nutshell.

Snack: I ate dates rolled in coconut and an apple with almond butter flavored with 100%cacao. This is definitely in the no SWYPO section of the Whole30 plan, and I immediately felt horribly guilty almost like I had committed some huge sin against humanity. Talk about issues with food! It was a rough hour or so but I decided that if cacao in the almond butter kept me clean for the rest of this thing….then so be it. Don’t get me started on the Instagram war on “cheating” on your Whole30. People are passionate about their rules for  food!

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