Whole30 Day 16

So I’ve been hesitant to discuss this here just because I don’t know what’s like nice and appropriate these days because I’m up early and go to bed late and have conversations about kid poop and the disgusting things I find in Masons neckmeat, so I really have no barometer or what is okay or not so I’m just going for it.

It did occur to me when I started this Whole30 that 30 days would inevitably include a period. I mean, there is just no getting around it, I’m pretty much 27 days, like clockwork so I could not escape. This fury visited me this week and I will say there is no deeper level of hell than your period on Whole30.

Okay, so there are some nice things that I’ve noticed. And I will start with the good parts, as I see them, in the interest of being fair. I usually get pretty debilitating cramps on day 1 and 2 of each cycle, and this time, not a darn thing. I mean no backache, no cramps, no nothing. So that is a HUGE bonus. I also generally break out a bit right before, and my skin is still super clear and no problems. So those parts are great!

The parts that suck are as follows: you can’t have french fries, pizza, ice cream, chocolate of any form, etc. Also I was in a bad mood to start off with and THIS did not help. Josh actually finally said last night, “I am ready for you to be done with this. Officially. I am done.”. Poor thing, he usually doesn’t have very many opinions about the weird stuff I do, so this is saying a lot.

Here is why I am frustrated about this. All of the materials I read about the program even my daily emails I subscribed to make promises of FEELING better. And I’m not really getting that, except as I’ve mentioned more consistent energy and no headaches. But cripes Harry, I want to be doing high kicks and dancing to the music I hear in my mind at this point if I’m going to be a cheese-less, sugar-less, grain-less, alcohol-less machine. Then I feel bad, like maybe I have something really deeply wrong with me that I am not happier about all of these changes. Which probably, duh, but I already felt bad enough about myself, this wasn’t intended to add more fuel to the fire.  Anyway, here is my rant for the day, Day 16, done and in the books. As a side note, even in the face of the annoyance of not feeling great and kind of hating everything about this, I will not give up. As bad as I feel right now I feel like it would be worse to give up.

So, day 17-30, I’m coming for you.


Here is What I Ate:

Breakfast: chopped veggies sauteed in ghee, preservative and nitrate free sausage

Lunch: Which Wich salad with turkey, a ton of veggies, avocado and mustard

Dinner: Roasted chicken breast on Costco Sweet Kale Salad with no cranberries and my obsession Avocado Tomatillo salsa


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