Whole30 Day 15


This ecard says Day 5…..but this is still how I feel on Day 15. Yay for me. Also, all  day I had my favorite Bon Jovi song in my head. Whoaaaaaaaa we’re half way thereeeee..whoaaaaaa livin’ on a prayerrr. (Dragged out syllables added since that’s the only way you can sing that song. Usually after a few drinks. Mmmmm. Drinks.) And this song is no joke either, I am living on a prayer especially since my Day 15 fell on CINCO DE MAYO!!!! Any holiday that celebrates with Mexican food is a top holiday in my book. I wasn’t sure how I was going to persevere with this craziness with chips and guacamole and delicious cheese taunting me at every turn, but I did it. It wasn’t pretty, but it happened.

I also wanted to talk a little bit more about our weekend. This week we got to celebrate the birth day of a very special little boy, JackJack as he’s commonly known to us. Jack had a bit of a rough start when he first showed up here 3 years ago. I’ll let his mom write a long overdue blog post about everything they’ve overcome, but its been a long road, covered in grace and faith and miracles.  His mama had a rough time bringing him safely into this world as well and its easy to forget all of those things when you see this perfect healthy boy running laps around you these days. But the truth is that he is a miracle, his mom is a miracle, and we’re all just getting to live in this wonderful, amazing blessing because they’re both here and happy and healthy. I just wanted to take a few moments to reflect on God’s goodness to us, and be thankful for the times when my prayers are answered the way that I want them to be answered. Life doesn’t always work like that, and I get weepy every time I think about how grateful I am that in this case, they did.

Okay on to the annoying point of this blog….What I ate:

Breakfast: Do not judge me but it was a delicious Larabar for breakfast. I keep saying I need to plan out my breakfasts…and I actually do mean it. And then I ate another Larabar on my way to go home to work. True confessions.

Lunch: I decided to try to recreate a super good tuna chopped salad I used to get in my former life at the brewery downstairs from my office. It has olives and chunks of cucumber and tons of red onions and tomatoes on top of all kinds of leafy greens. I grabbed some albacore tuna, mixed in an avocado, half a lemon, Tony’s, salt and pepper and chopped up green onions, celery, cucumber and tomatoes. I ended up only using half of this mixture on my mixed greens salad, and I put a lot of balsamic vinegar on it. It was almost as good as the brewery, although usually that version comes with fries… 🙂


Cinco de Fail. No not really, it’s just hard not to be dramatic when I love chips and cheese so much. I ordered a carne asada burrito with only fresh pico de gallo inside, and dumped the contents of the burrito onto an awesome salad my mom made with all kinds of leafy greens, broccoli, carrots, cilantro and tomatoes. I also made some homemade guacamole, but we were out of my usual ingredients so we used avocado, green onion and jalapeno and it was the bomb.com. Seriously, so good. I resorted to eating it with celery sticks because it made me feel like I was still dipping even though dipping a vegetable into a vegetable is super weird to me.


And that’s all for Day 15!!!!



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