Whole30 Day 13 & 14 Recap



This weekend was full of fun times with family, a celebration of a very special boy turning 3, and the hottest days ever. Like I mean real hot. 90 degrees hot. And yes we are spoiled in San Diego but that is WHY we live here, perfect weather. When it’s less than perfect we all kind of go crazy a little bit. Anyway, we survived the Heatwave2014, and I survived a birthday party while staying Whole30 compliant. Yay!

I would also say that although my physical symptoms have subsided, I still don’t love this thing. Like I do have more consistent energy, I have less frequent headaches, and I haven’t had any serious stomach aches since we started. (Probably because I’m not stealing Mason’s goldfish full of evil gluten) And all of those things are awesome. I guess because I wasn’t really suffering before, I’m not that excited about these outcomes. I am VERY excited to see if I’ve lost inches and weight by the end of it, since the feeling good part is awesome but busting out my bikini from its hibernation is also awesome. I am grateful for this opportunity to retrain my body to remember what being hungry feels like versus just wanting to eat to make myself feel better, but its definitely not something I would want to do longer than 30 days, that’s for sure!

Here’s what I ate!


Breakfast: forgot…so lame again I’m sorry I’m terrible at this.

Lunch: Birthday Party time! I ate a hot dog (ummm probably not nitrate free but I didn’t even touch a crumb of the gluten free cupcakes OR the delicious chocolate cake so this is fine to me), a hamburger, jicama, watermelon and grapes. Marisa’s husband Dave also found this amazing salsa at Costco, its an Avocado Tomatillo salsa and its AMAZING! I poured it over everything except the watermelon (the grapes were an accident), and it made everything delicious. Oh also after the party was over we had another round of hamburgers. Wrapped in lettuce of course. 😉

Dinner: Papa Phelan for the win for dinnertime people. Uncle Karl (Kyle as he’s also known) was in town for the weekend so we all crashed at my parents house post BDay Bash and my dad made us the most delicious steaks I’ve had in a long time. They were  top sirloins (I’m not even sure where that lands as far as meat cuts go) but he gets this magical meat from Costco that is unbelievably good. Also the Tony’s helps. 🙂 I had a sweet potato with just salt and pepper since I don’t freaking carry ghee around with me and my parents are already trying so hard to be supportive in this weird crazy thing I’m doing I wasn’t going to fuss about GHEE of all things. After dinner the normal people I live with got milkshakes and I stared at them sadly.


Breakfast: Cherry Pie Larabar (these are the best inventions of life)

Lunch: This was weird, we just just started going to an earlier church service so my whole Sunday schedule is thrown off. I was hungry around 11 so I ate every vegetable I could forage at my moms, bell peppers and celery and tomatoes, but was kind of waiting to eat real food until Josh got home (he was working). Since I also needed to stop at Costco for that ridiculous salsa, I forced Josh to come with me (because you can’t go alone on a Sunday) and we had a mini-day date at Costco and I ate another hot dog no bun with onions. Again, not totally nitrate free, but at this point I’m just doing my best. It was either that or a whole pizza. I can rationalize myself into anything.

Dinner: Holy amazing again Papa Phelan. Smoked tri tip with Brussels sprouts pan fried in bacon grease, with crumbled bacon and balsamic vinegar, and sauteed mushrooms. Everyone needs a Papa Phelan in their life to help them with their meat selections. So good! I left before anyone to mention milkshakes or anything else that sounded wonderful. 🙂

Okay, on to the 2nd half of this thing! This is no sprint, it’s definitely a marathon, and I’m excited to finish up strong. Maybe tomorrow is the day I love it? Fingers crossed!!! 😉



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