Whole30 Day 11


Day 11 was a blur thankfully since I was working. I do have an admission that I accidentally/ willfully put a packet of raw sugar in my coffee at Starbucks and I FELT HORRIBLE!!! Like gnarly headache, I was super grouchy and really tired all morning. It was weird and awful and if that’s how I’m going to feel in the future after I eat a pan of gluten free brownies, that’s gonna be rough.

I keep telling myself this is only 30 days thank you sweet Jesus it’s not a Whole365 I would never make it.

Here’s what I ate!
Breakfast: Cherry Pie Larabar. I am seriously struggling with breakfast and forgot again. They had compliant Larabars at Starbucks and it was delicious.
Lunch: Total Tuesday night leftover meal. The Chili lime chicken , cauliflower rice and the roasted veggies. I ate it cold because it seemed appropriate since the air in our building was out for the hottest day of the year.
Snack: Apple
Dinner: My mom was kind enough to feed me after watching my kid all day( thanks mama!) we had roasted shredded pork over a mixed greens and assorted veggies salad. I covered mine in fresh salsa and pretended I didn’t wish I had chips.

That’s all for Day 11!!!!



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