Whole30 Day 9

Diet Meme 4

9 Days down! That’s kind of amazing considering how much I don’t love it. 🙂  Although I am super excited that I finally made something that not only was I excited to prepare, it was super delicious and totally something I would make on any normal day. I will say that I am noticing more consistent energy throughout the day, and not needing my afternoon coffee, so that’s totally a bonus. I did have a total full on weeping breakdown though over some very ridiculous things in the evening, just in the interest of full disclosure. You’re supposed to be happier….or so they say….so maybe thats day 10? 🙂 Anyway, here is what I ate!

Breakfast: It was weird, I apologize. 1 hard boiled egg, a half an avocado and some Applegate roasted turkey breast. Super yummy and totally preservative and hormone free.  The combo was weird though.

Lunch: yesterday’s leftover Super Bowl chili, recipe HERE stuffed into a sweet potato. It was also very good. I think I love this chili more on things, versus just by itself. But that’s because I’m more in love with a Texas style chili, with tons of cheese on top. This one works though!

Dinner: Sweet hallelujah I was so happy about this dinner. I used the Chili Lime marinade from http://www.nomnompaleo.com which is amazing, and poured it over some chicken breast I grilled. Then I made the Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice from http://www.skinnytaste.com, also amazing. It has a more couscous consistency than rice, but it was super yum and really quick and easy to prepare. I also skewered some veggies and drizzled them with olive oil and salt and pepper and grilled them alongside the chicken. It was a good dinner and I was super excited to finally prepare and eat something I enjoyed.

Post dinner…..I know I know I’m eating too much fruit. But the thing is at least I’m not punching Josh out and taking his Cadbury eggs, so I am just going with it. I had strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with some shredded coconut and cinnamon. And that was it, I promise! 🙂

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