Whole30 Day 6 &7 Recap


So my day 6 and 7 were crazy and let me just tell you, you don’t realize how much time it saves by grabbing food quickly through a drive through or even prepped food from Trader Joes. Although it totally would have saved me time, everything has sugar or preservatives in it. Well, I’m sure not everything, but anything that looks good to me does!

I have been cooking nonstop since this Whole30 started, and usually I love it, but what I have realized is that I really love cheese. Maybe not the cooking part as much as the cheese. And the dishes….. Just imagine you do the dishes of 12 people and that’s kind of what it’s like. I keep telling myself that every day I’m going to write an entire post without complaining…. And then I start writing and…. Well it is what it is.

I’m definitely learning a lot about how much I love food and the flavors and how everything flows together and this whole thing is definitely forcing me out of my comfort zone of what kinds of foods are satisfying. As I’m writing this, it’s the end of day 8, and I’m still not convinced this was a good idea. 😉 I actually am now fighting a cold, which from what I’ve read is pretty common, apparently your body doesn’t love all these changes to start off with. Weird.

Here is what I ate:
Saturday Day 6
Breakfast: Veggie scramble with onion, garlic, zucchini, tomato and bell pepper
Lunch: Mixed greens salad with chopped portobello mushrooms and olives with balsamic vinegar. (This was a weird salad but I was tired of thinking of things to eat)
Dinner: grilled hamburger wrapped in lettuce, half a grilled sweet potato stuffed with steamed mixed veggies and some ghee. (I was feeling sick for real so my sweet and patient husband made that dinner up for me!)

Sunday Day 7
Breakfast: NOTHING! I forgot food and we went to an early service to get on the road for a family function. Getting the nugget packed and ready and fed and myself dressed is apparently all I can take.
Lunch: I grabbed an apple on the way out of the house and then we actually stopped at this amazing place in Temecula called Bushfire Grill. Holy Amazing food. Of course 90% I couldn’t eat but they do bowls with grilled veggies and tri-tip! Yes please. It was the happiest I’ve been in 7 days.
Dinner: carnitas and salsa. From Los Primos the delicious and probably not compliant taco shop by my house. I got the carnitas burrito and just dumped it into a bowl and threw away the tortilla before I could think about it and covered it in hot fresh salsa. At least we still have salsa.



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