Whole30 Day 5

Yay for feeling pretty good for the first time on this thing! I woke up in a pretty good mood and I had a busy and fun day so I think that helped! I’ve realized one of my struggles is that 4 days a week I work from home and that’s a huge trigger to just snack and eat all day. So lucky for me it was a good day out!

I had two small fits, and they were both unfortunate, although only one was witnessed by others. My first fit was thrown in the morning as I ran out of the house quickly and forgot to pack all this weird food for myself. Dang! There was a grocery store next to my first stop so Mase and I wandered around checking packages and trying to find something that was acceptable and that also sounded good to me. I found a Larabar that listed only “cashews and dates” on the label so went with it. I was going to be out all day so I ran to get some nuts too. They had whole raw cashews and as I was looking I found some delicious flavors, but all of them had sugar. I finally see one that was “onions” so hoping for like a sour cream and onion chip experience I eat one, and it was amazing like tasted so good I couldn’t believe it. So I checked the ingredients again jut to be safe because vegetables just don’t taste that good.


I screamed in the car and scared Mason and then cussed in my heart and fished for the olives I bought. I ate olives angrily and did not enjoy them. I mean I know it’s my fault for not preparing but I was still mad. My second fit was later during date night 🙀

I had a date night planned with the hubs and we were going to the movies so I had to prepare myself for nothing good there, like no monster popcorn or m&ms. Basically just an overpriced water. But I did it, and we all survived. But before the movie we grabbed dinner and that was a fiasco because finding places where I felt confident I could find stuff was an ordeal so we settled on Smashburger. I specifically ordered my burger with no bun and no cheese and when I came it was covered in delicious amazing melted cheese. I mean it was melted into the burger, every little inch of meat was covered. I kid you not I almost cried. I became “that girl” and was yelling in a quiet voice to Josh that the boy who took our order obviously had it out for me because why else would he put cheese when I clearly asked him not to?! Josh calmly suggested I scrape the cheese off and I was incredibly offended obviously. I hissed at him “I should NOT have to scrape cheese off of things”. It’s the principle of the whole thing. He also suggested I take it back but I was so hungry and mad I could not be reasoned with. I did scrape the cheese after Josh told me to keep it together or he would leave me at Hazard Center alone. So much support support during dinner. 🙂 After this setback, I took some deep breaths, and drank my water. We were good, and we had a great night thank God.

What I ate:
Breakfast: Cashew Crunch Larabar and one forbidden sugar onion cashew and some jalapeño olives
Snack: apple
Lunch: scrambled egg omelet with red pepper and tomatoes
Dinner: Smashburger classic smash with no bun and scraped off cheese

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