Whole30 Day 3


Welcome to Day 3!!! I actually woke up today feeling pretty good, my gross hungover feeling from yesterday was totally gone! Glory be. I did definitely cheat and put stevia in my coffee which is so clearly forbidden in the program and I know and I’m sorry. Here’s the thing, if one cup of coffee is all the bad stuff I’m getting, then I’m doing pretty good. I know I know it’s all excuses and not the spirit of the program, and I choose to do it anyway. And that’s how that went. 🙂

I was super rushed this morning and didn’t have a regular breakfast but surprisingly and happily I wasn’t super hungry. Yay! Also I’m happy to report I only had 2 cups of coffee as opposed to how many I won’t admit to on this blog post, but let’s just say a lot. And I wasn’t even mad! I happily drank water all day and it was pretty cool. I do miss my diet coke though. Darn you chemicals. So day 3 really looking up for us folks!

Here is what I ate :
Breakfast : banana
Lunch: grape tomatoes and half a sweet potato stuffed with my
Buffalo Ranch Chicken from last night
Dinner: Chipotle Pork and Pineapple Coleslaw which I would like to say was aaaahhhh mayyyy zing. A little on the spicy side for Mr. Martinez, but I loved it. Also I made my own mayo from this recipe HERE , and it’s super tasty and versatile.

Here’s to day 4, and being that much closer to all the good stuff they swear happens when you do this. 😂



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