Whole30 Day 2


If you decide to try the Whole30, please prepare yourselves for day 2. The website even clearly states that Day 1 is a total fake out and that eventually the euphoria will wear off and you will be faced with the most hideous worst hungover feeling ever. Except you didn’t have a great time last night you drank water and dreamed about cheese. I woke up hungry and that didn’t change much all day. I stuck to 3 meals and had a weird cauliflower snack around 3:30 because it was either that or order a pizza. I was pretty busy in the morning with kiddos and a good friend visiting, but by the time everyone was gone and I was working alone, I just got grumpier and felt worse and worse. Thankfully my mom was watching Mase and Josh was at work so no one was subjected to my hideous mood. I was pretty proud of myself though, I didn’t cheat at all, I just went to bed early and pinned rude memes about diets and went to bed. I will admit though I had serious doubts of how the rest of this 27 days would go, and decided that if I want to put stevia in my coffee tomorrow I’m going to do it. Don’t judge me, I’m admittedly weak.
Overall not a great day, as if you couldn’t tell. The whole day I kept thinking if I’m going to feel hideous and be angry I might as well eat cheese. I know this feeling will pass and I truly believe at the end of this mess I’ll feel better than I ever have and I’ll actually change what is inside of me that battles with food, but right now it flipping sucks. The best part is that I actually don’t eat that poorly to start off with. Or so I thought! Anyway I’m hoping for better luck on day 3!

Here is what I ate 🙂

Breakfast : 2 scrambled eggs in ghee (I made my own!) and a half an avocado, heavily black peppered. I keep thinking if it’s spicy enough I’ll forget what it is.
Lunch: leftover grilled zucchini and grilled chicken and cauliflower mash
Dinner: I was super excited to try the
Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers
from Primally Inspired, and they were awesome! Except I was too lazy to stuff a pepper I just tossed the chicken over salad and threw guacamole on top.

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