Whole30 Day 9

Diet Meme 4

9 Days down! That’s kind of amazing considering how much I don’t love it. 🙂  Although I am super excited that I finally made something that not only was I excited to prepare, it was super delicious and totally something I would make on any normal day. I will say that I am noticing more consistent energy throughout the day, and not needing my afternoon coffee, so that’s totally a bonus. I did have a total full on weeping breakdown though over some very ridiculous things in the evening, just in the interest of full disclosure. You’re supposed to be happier….or so they say….so maybe thats day 10? 🙂 Anyway, here is what I ate!

Breakfast: It was weird, I apologize. 1 hard boiled egg, a half an avocado and some Applegate roasted turkey breast. Super yummy and totally preservative and hormone free.  The combo was weird though.

Lunch: yesterday’s leftover Super Bowl chili, recipe HERE stuffed into a sweet potato. It was also very good. I think I love this chili more on things, versus just by itself. But that’s because I’m more in love with a Texas style chili, with tons of cheese on top. This one works though!

Dinner: Sweet hallelujah I was so happy about this dinner. I used the Chili Lime marinade from http://www.nomnompaleo.com which is amazing, and poured it over some chicken breast I grilled. Then I made the Cilantro Lime Cauliflower Rice from http://www.skinnytaste.com, also amazing. It has a more couscous consistency than rice, but it was super yum and really quick and easy to prepare. I also skewered some veggies and drizzled them with olive oil and salt and pepper and grilled them alongside the chicken. It was a good dinner and I was super excited to finally prepare and eat something I enjoyed.

Post dinner…..I know I know I’m eating too much fruit. But the thing is at least I’m not punching Josh out and taking his Cadbury eggs, so I am just going with it. I had strawberries, raspberries and blackberries with some shredded coconut and cinnamon. And that was it, I promise! 🙂

Whole30 Day 8



Mean Girls is one of my favorite movies and I find myself sounding more and more like Regina George as I ask constantly “is there sugar in this? ” or  “is this butter?”. Even I’m annoyed of me and this “diet”. BUT I have good news! Day 8 was definitely a better day! I’m for sure feeling better overall, and not having super nasty headaches in the afternoon. And I have more energy in the evenings, when I used to totally just lose it and basically pass out on the couch after Josh would get home.

I do have to admit that I am putting Stevia in my coffee in the morning. I understand alllllll of the information in Whole30 plan and all of the reasons why that’s totally wrong and I should restart my Whole30 every day that I do it, but I have my reasons and this is as far as I want to go with it. You can have my wine, my vodka, my sugar and corn and my rice and whey protein, you can even have my ketchup, but  I draw the line at my coffee.  Whew I just felt like maybe I wasn’t being totally honest since I keep forgetting to update my coffee situation. Anyway, for real, day 8 was decent, and I can see how people don’t go stark raving mad on this thing and harm themselves and everyone they know.

I would say my biggest struggle at this point is that all food is annoying to me now. While one of my goals for this 30 days was to redefine my relationship with food, I didn’t really mean for it turn into hatred. Its just annoying I have to think about it every time I know I’m supposed to eat. I’m barely hungry, and things don’t taste right, even when Josh tells me they’re good. ( I make him test things in case I’m too biased to like what I’m making).  Cooking and eating used to make me so happy and now all of it just bugs me. Maybe this is the downswing though, and it will even out eventually, but at this point I’m pretty sad.  I mean there is a lot you can do with meat and vegetables and fruit, but I’m just kind of over all of it. So I’m trying to find new good and fun recipes to keep things interesting, so we shall see.

Another important tip I learned the hard way is make sure you’re prepared! I didn’t have a ton of food prepared for my first week, and was making things as I went and that got old really fast. I was totally burned out by Saturday. I have a family and a job and I just can’t be cooking 3 full meals every day. So this week, I prepped a little more. Not even as much as I wanted, but even the little bit has helped.  I made a huge crock pot full of Super Bowl Crock-pot Chili from the http://www.meatified.com website, (Where I spend a lot of time!) I prepped veggie kabobs to throw on the grill for quick dinner with chicken. I chopped the rest of the veggies so they’re ready for a quick roast with more chicken.  I dumped two chuck roasts into the crock pot with balsamic vinegar, water, salt and pepper and garlic and let it cook all day so I have an easy meat to throw on salads or alongside some steamed veggies. I chopped up a bunch of onions and peppers and stored them in the fridge so I have a quick base for all of my hash and scrambles. I also cooked down my own pasta sauce with sweet and hot Italian sausage, zucchini, onion, bell pepper, diced tomatoes, tomato paste, oregano, parsley, basil and tons of garlic and I’ll roast some spaghetti squash for some fake spaghetti. So I have a better plan for this week, and I’m hoping that helps me not get stressed out and eat so many hard boiled eggs. Because I mean really.

What I ate:

Breakfast: I forgot. Again. Oops.

Lunch: A hard boiled egg ( I wasn’t kidding about the eggs), half an avocado, a handful of unsalted raw cashews

Dinner: The Super Bowl Crockpot Chili I only used 3 jalapenos and I didn’t use the hot yellow peppers because I wasn’t sure if it would be too hot for Josh, he doesn’t love spicy food. I also didn’t have the ancho chili powder, so I just skipped it and added more garlic. 🙂 I also chopped some onions and cilantro and put it on top when I served my bowl. Yum!

Post Dinner…: Yeahhhh so I had a small fit and did in fact yell at Josh for eating Cadbury eggs in my presence while we were watching Game of Thrones, so I made a bowl of sliced bananas, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries and sprinkled them with cinnamon and shredded unsweetened coconut. Super good! Not exactly a cadbury egg….but still yummy. Oh and don’t forget all of the delicious WATER I’ve been drinking.

I’m excited to be 1 week down, and hopeful that week 2 is more fun. 🙂




Whole30 Day 6 &7 Recap


So my day 6 and 7 were crazy and let me just tell you, you don’t realize how much time it saves by grabbing food quickly through a drive through or even prepped food from Trader Joes. Although it totally would have saved me time, everything has sugar or preservatives in it. Well, I’m sure not everything, but anything that looks good to me does!

I have been cooking nonstop since this Whole30 started, and usually I love it, but what I have realized is that I really love cheese. Maybe not the cooking part as much as the cheese. And the dishes….. Just imagine you do the dishes of 12 people and that’s kind of what it’s like. I keep telling myself that every day I’m going to write an entire post without complaining…. And then I start writing and…. Well it is what it is.

I’m definitely learning a lot about how much I love food and the flavors and how everything flows together and this whole thing is definitely forcing me out of my comfort zone of what kinds of foods are satisfying. As I’m writing this, it’s the end of day 8, and I’m still not convinced this was a good idea. 😉 I actually am now fighting a cold, which from what I’ve read is pretty common, apparently your body doesn’t love all these changes to start off with. Weird.

Here is what I ate:
Saturday Day 6
Breakfast: Veggie scramble with onion, garlic, zucchini, tomato and bell pepper
Lunch: Mixed greens salad with chopped portobello mushrooms and olives with balsamic vinegar. (This was a weird salad but I was tired of thinking of things to eat)
Dinner: grilled hamburger wrapped in lettuce, half a grilled sweet potato stuffed with steamed mixed veggies and some ghee. (I was feeling sick for real so my sweet and patient husband made that dinner up for me!)

Sunday Day 7
Breakfast: NOTHING! I forgot food and we went to an early service to get on the road for a family function. Getting the nugget packed and ready and fed and myself dressed is apparently all I can take.
Lunch: I grabbed an apple on the way out of the house and then we actually stopped at this amazing place in Temecula called Bushfire Grill. Holy Amazing food. Of course 90% I couldn’t eat but they do bowls with grilled veggies and tri-tip! Yes please. It was the happiest I’ve been in 7 days.
Dinner: carnitas and salsa. From Los Primos the delicious and probably not compliant taco shop by my house. I got the carnitas burrito and just dumped it into a bowl and threw away the tortilla before I could think about it and covered it in hot fresh salsa. At least we still have salsa.



Whole30 Day 5

Yay for feeling pretty good for the first time on this thing! I woke up in a pretty good mood and I had a busy and fun day so I think that helped! I’ve realized one of my struggles is that 4 days a week I work from home and that’s a huge trigger to just snack and eat all day. So lucky for me it was a good day out!

I had two small fits, and they were both unfortunate, although only one was witnessed by others. My first fit was thrown in the morning as I ran out of the house quickly and forgot to pack all this weird food for myself. Dang! There was a grocery store next to my first stop so Mase and I wandered around checking packages and trying to find something that was acceptable and that also sounded good to me. I found a Larabar that listed only “cashews and dates” on the label so went with it. I was going to be out all day so I ran to get some nuts too. They had whole raw cashews and as I was looking I found some delicious flavors, but all of them had sugar. I finally see one that was “onions” so hoping for like a sour cream and onion chip experience I eat one, and it was amazing like tasted so good I couldn’t believe it. So I checked the ingredients again jut to be safe because vegetables just don’t taste that good.


I screamed in the car and scared Mason and then cussed in my heart and fished for the olives I bought. I ate olives angrily and did not enjoy them. I mean I know it’s my fault for not preparing but I was still mad. My second fit was later during date night 🙀

I had a date night planned with the hubs and we were going to the movies so I had to prepare myself for nothing good there, like no monster popcorn or m&ms. Basically just an overpriced water. But I did it, and we all survived. But before the movie we grabbed dinner and that was a fiasco because finding places where I felt confident I could find stuff was an ordeal so we settled on Smashburger. I specifically ordered my burger with no bun and no cheese and when I came it was covered in delicious amazing melted cheese. I mean it was melted into the burger, every little inch of meat was covered. I kid you not I almost cried. I became “that girl” and was yelling in a quiet voice to Josh that the boy who took our order obviously had it out for me because why else would he put cheese when I clearly asked him not to?! Josh calmly suggested I scrape the cheese off and I was incredibly offended obviously. I hissed at him “I should NOT have to scrape cheese off of things”. It’s the principle of the whole thing. He also suggested I take it back but I was so hungry and mad I could not be reasoned with. I did scrape the cheese after Josh told me to keep it together or he would leave me at Hazard Center alone. So much support support during dinner. 🙂 After this setback, I took some deep breaths, and drank my water. We were good, and we had a great night thank God.

What I ate:
Breakfast: Cashew Crunch Larabar and one forbidden sugar onion cashew and some jalapeño olives
Snack: apple
Lunch: scrambled egg omelet with red pepper and tomatoes
Dinner: Smashburger classic smash with no bun and scraped off cheese

Whole30 Day 4


I felt approximately the same today as I did yesterday, not horrible but not good either. Although my heart does say cheese dip, and it may do so forever. I am so freaking tired I can barely keep it together and today was my first day in the office to manage. I did pretty well overall, in action but not in heart. In my heart I was not making good choices. I brought my lunch so I wouldn’t be tempted by the French fries and beer at the brewery below us, and my orange tea to drink instead of coffee. My incredibly sweet boss even got me lemon and ginger to spice it up a little bit, bless him. I was grateful but still rotten.

I know I need to be patient but I’m really not feeling very well and it’s so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that this part will actually make me feel better in the long run. It’s just so crazy to me that the food that you eat can make you so sick and I know intellectually how that makes sense but I feel physically ill right now so it’s hard to stay motivated. Like it’s not tobacco or cocaine it’s food! I understand how the effects can be similar and obviously I’m an angry addict in food rehab right now but still, boo.

However, I am a firm believer that you can get through anything if you have an end date, so 26 more days I can do. Hopefully with a better attitude for the rest of it though cause dammmmmn I am not a happy camper. Sorry for the negative nancy post I really shouldn’t complain so much just in general but for sure about this. I mean cry me a river I’m eating healthy fresh food and I’m so angry about it 😂. Worst problems ever.

Breakfast: scrambled eggs in ghee again which I’m starting to love, and BACON!!!!! I found a brand called Applegate and they have it at Target, totally hormone and chemical free, grass fed pigs, unpreserved with no nitrates etc. Basically the longest label description ever. But it was SO good! Even Josh approved.
Lunch: leftover Chipotle Pork and Pineapple cole slaw from last night. Just as good the 2nd time, even a little spicier! Yummmm!
Dinner: Chipotle baby!!!! Josh has class Thurs night and I just couldn’t be bothered to cook so I did a salad with barbacoa beef and fajita veggies and guacamole. It was amazing and embarrassingly huge and sorry for the iphoneogeaphy but I just had to share how delicious this was.


After Mase went to bed I cut up some strawberries and a banana and threw it in a bowl with blueberries and blackberries, a dash of cinnamon and then I had a mishap with the shredded coconut and it DUMPED into the bowl so there was definitely an excessive amount of coconut shreds. But still yum and although not ice cream or a brownie at least it wasn’t water. #brightside

Whole30 Day 3


Welcome to Day 3!!! I actually woke up today feeling pretty good, my gross hungover feeling from yesterday was totally gone! Glory be. I did definitely cheat and put stevia in my coffee which is so clearly forbidden in the program and I know and I’m sorry. Here’s the thing, if one cup of coffee is all the bad stuff I’m getting, then I’m doing pretty good. I know I know it’s all excuses and not the spirit of the program, and I choose to do it anyway. And that’s how that went. 🙂

I was super rushed this morning and didn’t have a regular breakfast but surprisingly and happily I wasn’t super hungry. Yay! Also I’m happy to report I only had 2 cups of coffee as opposed to how many I won’t admit to on this blog post, but let’s just say a lot. And I wasn’t even mad! I happily drank water all day and it was pretty cool. I do miss my diet coke though. Darn you chemicals. So day 3 really looking up for us folks!

Here is what I ate :
Breakfast : banana
Lunch: grape tomatoes and half a sweet potato stuffed with my
Buffalo Ranch Chicken from last night
Dinner: Chipotle Pork and Pineapple Coleslaw which I would like to say was aaaahhhh mayyyy zing. A little on the spicy side for Mr. Martinez, but I loved it. Also I made my own mayo from this recipe HERE , and it’s super tasty and versatile.

Here’s to day 4, and being that much closer to all the good stuff they swear happens when you do this. 😂



Whole30 Day 2


If you decide to try the Whole30, please prepare yourselves for day 2. The website even clearly states that Day 1 is a total fake out and that eventually the euphoria will wear off and you will be faced with the most hideous worst hungover feeling ever. Except you didn’t have a great time last night you drank water and dreamed about cheese. I woke up hungry and that didn’t change much all day. I stuck to 3 meals and had a weird cauliflower snack around 3:30 because it was either that or order a pizza. I was pretty busy in the morning with kiddos and a good friend visiting, but by the time everyone was gone and I was working alone, I just got grumpier and felt worse and worse. Thankfully my mom was watching Mase and Josh was at work so no one was subjected to my hideous mood. I was pretty proud of myself though, I didn’t cheat at all, I just went to bed early and pinned rude memes about diets and went to bed. I will admit though I had serious doubts of how the rest of this 27 days would go, and decided that if I want to put stevia in my coffee tomorrow I’m going to do it. Don’t judge me, I’m admittedly weak.
Overall not a great day, as if you couldn’t tell. The whole day I kept thinking if I’m going to feel hideous and be angry I might as well eat cheese. I know this feeling will pass and I truly believe at the end of this mess I’ll feel better than I ever have and I’ll actually change what is inside of me that battles with food, but right now it flipping sucks. The best part is that I actually don’t eat that poorly to start off with. Or so I thought! Anyway I’m hoping for better luck on day 3!

Here is what I ate 🙂

Breakfast : 2 scrambled eggs in ghee (I made my own!) and a half an avocado, heavily black peppered. I keep thinking if it’s spicy enough I’ll forget what it is.
Lunch: leftover grilled zucchini and grilled chicken and cauliflower mash
Dinner: I was super excited to try the
Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Peppers
from Primally Inspired, and they were awesome! Except I was too lazy to stuff a pepper I just tossed the chicken over salad and threw guacamole on top.