DIY Gel Manicure Attempt 1

Good Morning and Happy Tuesday!

I am constantly on the quest for the perfect manicure. I am OCD about a few things in my life, and my nails are definitely one of them. Since we abandoned the acrylics (SUCH a love-hate relationship), and moved on to simply manicures, we still have issues. Before baby, I had time & money to get my weekly mani, and I usually had decently good luck with it looking nice until my next appointment. Fast forward to now….and we have the perfect storm of problems. No time and definitely no extra money (I mean, for $12 I could get 3 coffees….which I feel like I need more these days). So we introduce the home manicure. Which I love, don’t get me wrong. But now with baby and hand washing and **why in the heck are there so many more dishes?!?**, we have trouble with them lasting. So our next option is gel polish. Looks like regular polish, but stays super shiny and lasts for up to 3 weeks. Or at least when you get them done at the salon. I am officially on a quest for achieving these same results at home, and for less money. I began my quest with Pinterest, like all normal people, and I found a few good options. My starting place was from here , a really fantastic blog I found called Hairspray & HIghheels. Love it!!! She suggests a product from Sally’s Beauty called Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat, and layers it with her existing polish. I ran out to Sally’s yesterday, grabbed the Gelous, and searched through my collection of polish for something I could commit to for at least a week. I settled on OPIs Skyfall from their Bond collection last year. Its a great dark plummy purple, very close to my absolute favorite, We’ll Always Have Paris, which I couldn’t find. : ) She has great instructions on her blog post, and I followed them exactly for my experiment.

I had only one problem.

We should rename this manicure to the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That” Mani. I mean seriously, there are 6 coats of polish involved. I can barely survive the two plus top coat regimen without smudges on my best day! But the baby was asleep, and I powered through, and worked on this manicure in between budget reports at my home office. (having to work while manicuring keeps me focused and from totally forgetting what I was doing and ruining my nails. Just a little trick I picked up in my stay at home working mom life).

I got all the coats on, and my nails really did look fabulous. Super shiny, perfect hue of polish, and I had the highest of hopes!

photo 4(1)

Fast forward to 35 minutes later, the baby wakes up. I’m still nervous because I KNOW my polish isn’t totally dry yet, so I make the baby shimmy up my arms without touching my nails. (Jump baby! Jump to mama!), then I manage to grab his sippy and some fruit without a scratch and I am overjoyed. Until I look at the clock and realize its time to get dinner going and move on with my life, so I’ve got to take a chance. That’s when it happened. Two fingers totally ruined! (Sorry for the blurry photo, my iPhone photo skills need work)

Ruined Gel Fingers

At this point I questioned my commitment because I totally knew I wasn’t going to redo them. I decided to continue my experiment with the other 8 fingers. Don’t judge me, we all have to pick our battles. I’ll post every day on my progress!! Here’s to fake gel mani’s!!!!



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