Manicure Monday Feb 25th Edition

Hi friends 🙂 We found some fun nail polish colors for this odd weather we’ve been having here in San Diego the last few weeks. It was freeeezing for a few days, then amazing and perfectly hot, and now its back to that weird place in between cold and hot where you don’t know if you should just layer tank tops and a long sleeve or bring a hoodie  or what, and don’t get me started on how to dress these babies we have. Its exhausting. Anyway, here are our top polish picks for the week! 


This is Sand Tropez by Essie. An awesome nude that we’re all kind of obsessed with.


A little fun bright spot, this is Watermelon by Essie


I’m not ready to give up my dark polish yet, so this a neutral compromise of my love affair with Lincoln Park After Dark, here we have OPI’s Over the Taupe. 

Enjoy our polish picks for this week, and remember, you always have time for a manicure. 😉 




the mamas



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