The Definition of Success

Hi Mamas and Friends of Mamas!  Welcome to our new blog. 🙂

Your definition of success changes when you have baby.  Before, success was graduating college, going to law school, falling in love and marrying the love of your life, getting jobs….  Now, success is defined by the following:

1) Getting a shower before leaving your house.

2) Making it out of Vons without you or the baby crying.

3) Remembering why you went to Vons in the first place.

4) Making it through a weekend without you and your love getting frustrated at each other.

5) Getting to church on time.

6) Getting anywhere on time.

7) Everyone being able to eat at the same time, and finish their meal before baby decides meal time is over.

8) Getting your morning coffee.

9) Changing a poopy diaper without baby putting his hands in the poop or crying.

10) Two words – girls’ night.

11) Finding a few blissful moments to blog.

What makes you feel successful or accomplished definitely changes after having a baby.  I have the biggest feeling of success when I hold my sweet boy in my arms.  Maybe it is after an unfortunate fall, maybe it is after a bath.  Maybe it is during that quiet time just before he closes his eyes for the night.  But nothing beats that feeling.

What has been redefined in your life?  Every day I find something in my life, or in me, that is getting redefined (or refined).  I am learning to enjoy the process :).



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