Target run anyone?

Before (and by the word “before” we always collectively mean “before the 3 of us had babies”), Sister (Marisa) and I would meet every Saturday morning for a long glorious run up and down the coast of Del Mar.  We would catch up on life, the latest celebrity news, the latest fashions, what we learned at chuch, whatever.  We would then stop at our favorite coffee place, Peet’s, for a coffee.  And then we were off to the showers to start our days with our loves.

Now, Sister and I meet at Target.  We still run, but now it is after little ones who are grabbing balls and baseball bats, and throwing nail polish (yes, throwing nail polish across the floor).  We still catch up on life, but it is interrupted by poop, yelling, grabbing, and squeals of delight.

And Sister and I still have a blast :).

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