When moms away the babes will play!

Hi mamas! We have been a bit under the weather at our house this week (I’m convinced I was germinated in my teacher assistant job at church on Sunday- only so many tambourines one can make without picking up some sort of germs, or poop on the lap-tmi? Ok I’ll tell that one later…)
So, I say we have been under the weather, but if I could rate sickness mama had it worst! Daddy had bad enough to leave tissues everywhere, but still managed to be able to work a bit and help keep the house and babe together. Well semi together… 
Usually I’m kind of a neat freak, well like everything has to be in its place in the room I’m in, or I can’t get anything done until things are how they “should be”. is that a neat freak? Usually this doesn’t work with a 21 month old, rather it creates quite a frustrating game of mommy puts away, jack takes out 24 things while mommy is putting away, and then mommy has 24 more things to clean up. I’m learning to let things go people, I don’t like losing the “put away” game. I don’t like being a neat freak either so we are learning to find a happy medium.
 Ok, where was I? So I’m sick -ever had a stomach bug and like a cold flu bug together? weird and awful! Jackson is like kinda sick, but then weirdly full of energy and into EVERYTHING!! At some moment yesterday, in between sleep and delirious awake I opened my eyes to toys scattered all over my living room, a drooling guitar playing  rockstar climbing over my face-heading for a leap off the top of the couch( a possible chip crumb and hard boiled egg piece stuck in his frizzed out curls) picture frames knocked to the ground, and in the background  Dora the explorer on an adventure. All I can say is God bless my sweet husband for holding down the fort while I was down! I woke up the second time to a little less of a mess and Jack busting out some dance moves, and sit ups before stopping for a bite of chicken soup and some more hard boiled egg (his obsession these days)! 
When mamas are down the babes will play! and you know what? it’s ok – the house will get back to a normal state eventually, and this mama sometimes his has to let things go! Thanks to my love for helping keep it together!

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