Baby or toddler- what are you?

So, maybe I missed the boat on this or maybe I’m in denial. Lately my 21 month old has been amazing me with his constantly changing, developing personality! So, it has led me to ask this question of when does a baby become a toddler? Is there like a certain month that marks this right of passage? Is it their first fit? I no longer need to take a stroller everywhere, I can leave my extra fan diaper bag in the car, we have talks about peeing in the potty and not in diapers, wait, back up, we have “talks”! 

I love my little man more than I could ever say, I guess those “old”moms were right when they said “they grow up too fast”. I’m freshly reminded to enjoy every second with this little nugget, and I will decide when I’m ready to admit he’s a toddler now;)

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